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BYD Delivers Its First T4k Electric Truck in South Korea

Date:2023-07-14 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On July 7, the T4K, an electric 1t truck co-developed by BYD and GS Global, has been delivered to its first customer in South Korea and announced that it has officially entered the stage of delivery.

BYD Delivers Its First T4k Electric Truck in South Korea

The delivery of the first vehicle took place at the T4K Guro showroom in Guro-gu, Seoul.

The first owner, Mr. Yang Sang-kook, who enjoys canoeing and leisure life in the wilderness, made a reservation and negotiation through the BYD truck purchase section in the Kakao Taxi APP and became the first owner to take delivery of the vehicle.

Owner Mr. Yang Sang-kook said, "Recently, I've been struggling to buy an electric truck that can take care of my commute to Seoul on weekdays, travel to the countryside on weekends, and drive frequently over medium to long distances, and it just so happens that the T4K's ample mileage meets my daily needs. I love canoe rafting, and the T4K's huge cargo space makes it easy to load rafting gear, and the V2L feature is the most appealing feature to me, so it will be more convenient to use electric appliances when camping, and it will easily satisfy a variety of vehicle scenarios.

BYD Delivers Its First T4k Electric Truck in South Korea

Mr. Yang, the owner, said, "I've been looking for an electric truck that can serve as a daily commute vehicle in Seoul and medium and long-distance like weekend outing. I came across the BYD T4K, and it has an impressive driving range. It was at this time that I found BYD T4K and impressed by his long range. Moreover, I love canoe rafting, and T4K's huge cargo space makes it easy to load river-rafting outfit. What interests me most is its V2L functionality. With it, it is also very easy to use electricity when you go out camping.

The T4K is a 1t truck developed by BYD and GS Global specifically for the Korean market. It offers great comfort and safety while ensuring practicality. The T4K is equipped with blade battery of up to 82kwh, which is the largest among all 1t electric trucks in Korea. This battery developed by BYD has been certified by the Ministry of Environment of South Korea, offering a range of up to 246 km at room temperature and 209 km in low-temperature conditions. The motor delivers a powerful output power of 140 kW. In addition, the T4K has a V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) external discharge function to meet the needs of multiple devices working at the same time as well as modifications.

BYD Delivers Its First T4k Electric Truck in South Korea

The head of GS Global's Mobility Division said, "T4K is a superior product customized for the Korean market, combining all kinds of convenience and security. With the first delivery starting, we will move into the formal delivery phase and are actively preparing to ensure that our customers have quick access to the product".

In addition, consumers can visit T4K showrooms in Guro, Seoul, Osan, Gyeonggi-do and Gyeongnam in Busan for further information. During the year, 14 sales outlets and 40 after-sales outlets will be established in Seoul, Yongsan, Cheonan, Daejeon, Daegu and Hunan.


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