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FOTON ME | Travelling the World in a FOTON Truck


[two lovers], [one vehicle]

[a cat] & [a dog]
travelling the 5 continents aboard this FOTON truck

Luis Felipe Mahecha & Alejandra Munoz, a couple from Colombia, have been a loyal customer of FOTON. As a couple who love to travel, they decided to go around the world, together with their FOTON truck.

In the early stages, they had investigated all the brands of trucks in the entire market and sought advice from friends who have a lot of knowlege of vehicles and finally chose this FOTON truck.

As of now, this FOTON truck has completed a 1400-kilometer run and performed really great.

Their journey continues...

Getting out of the comfort zone, facing different faears and challenges, that is what life that gives flavor to life is all about.


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