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Hongyan Genlyon Tractors for 2020 to Be Launched in the Market

Date:2020-04-09 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

As the first European trucks to hit the Chinese market, Hongyan Genlyon trucks have been very popular and in great demand these years. To meet this growing demand, Hongyan has been working on this for years and will immediately launch its Genlyon 2020 tractors.

Hongyan Genlyon Tractors for 2020 to Be Launched in the Market

Having a wide range of products, they can satisfy the demands from express, liner logistics, cold chain, hazardous chemicals, coal and sandstone transport. Genlyon 2020 tractors are expected to offer a more lightweight, fuel-efficient and comfort ride while still maintaining the same level of safety, reliability and intelligence. 

Jointly developed by combining Iveco advanced technology, Genlyon 2020 tractors lose 400kg of its weight, which according to Hongyan are the lightest of its kind.

On the basis of a wide rotation speed and fuel-efficient solutions, the upcoming tractors have managed to reduce the fuel consumption by 8%-13%. More than that, the fuel economy is further optimized and it is getting easier to perform a smooth shift by mating with a ZF AMT transmission. 

Hongyan Genlyon Tractors for 2020 to Be Launched in the Market

Furthermore, Genlyon 2020 tractors are creating a health, comfort and ease of operation environment for drivers. Genlyon series trucks have just been awarded the "CN95 Healthcare Cockpit" by an authorized national institution thanks to their excellent air-filtering system, enhanced sound insulation and eco-friendly materials.

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