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Special Supplement: Park adds to auto city's allure


     Development through half a century has made the automobile sector a pillar industry in the economy of Changchun, capital of Jilin Province.

  China's famous auto city, Changchun is honored as the cradle of the nation's automobile industry.
The city boasts a powerful industrial foundation, strong technical research and development capacity, and perfect infrastructure for the development of the auto industry.

  In recent years, the Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone has also become a favorable platform for the development of the automobile and auto parts industries in the city.

  On February 27, 2007 the Changchun city government approved the establishment of the Changchun Special Automobiles Industrial Park in the development zone.The city government's future development goals emphasize the creation of an internationally renowned automotive city.To this end, local authorities have made it a priority to attract domestic and overseas investment to the special automobiles park.The Chanchun city government will further improve its services, with the aim of creating a favorable development environment for the park.

  An overall development plan for the park is also on the cards.

  According to local authorities, the development plan for the automobile park will be implemented in five stages: First, a producing platform for special automobiles will be built; second, a scientific and technological innovation platform will be established; the third stage will involve the building of a modern logistics platform, while the fourth will see a platform of information communication; and finally, a platform of comprehensive services will be put in place.

  In addition, the city government will offer assistance in terms of financial services, helping firms based in the park have easier access to funding.

  As the first special automobiles industrial park in the nation, it will enjoy many favorable policies and receive a lot of support from the local government.

  Moreover, according to related State regulations, it can enjoy favorable policies applicable to State-level economic development zones, as well as the State"s preferential policies for the revitalization of traditional industrial bases in Northeast China.

  A number of top domestic automobile enterprises have launched operations in the Changchun Special Automobiles Industrial Park, such as the FAW Special Vehicle Co Ltd, FAW Bus and Coach Co Ltd, Changchun Guofu Truck Bodies Corporation, and projects of Zhongxing and Hengli.

  So far, 260 million yuan have been channeled into the construction of infrastructure in the auto park.
To date, 10 roads with a total length of 9.4 km have been built, while the construction of three heat-supply plants in the park has been completed.

  China's special automobile sector began initial development in the late 1950s and the early 1960s. Through 40 years of growth, it has become a major part of the nation's automobile industry.

  Along with the rapid development of the nation's economy, the demand for special automobiles in the country is on the rise, indicating a huge potential for the auto park's development.


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