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CAMC Ranks First among Exported HD Truck Brands to Malaysia

Date:2013-10-29 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: As CAMC gets recovery in Chinese market since the beginning of this year, CAMC also welcomes a steady upward trend in overseas market compared to prior years. Among all overseas market, Southeast Asia stands out. There are several Southeast Asian customers visiting CAMC in a row. Liu Cui, deputy director of overseas division of CAMC Marketing Branch, tells that “Southeast Asia has been CAMC’s key market. Thailand and Malaysia are of the most importance. CAMC holds the first position among all heavy trucks brands exporting to Malaysia. Till now, the exports to the two countries are satisfactory. The export to Malaysia is expected to break through 1000 units and to Thailand outnumbers 500 units in 2013. Thailand customers come one after another. I believe our Thailand market will usher in new growth next year.”

Thailand and Malaysia customers speak highly of Hanma engine

For the past few days, a group of customers from Thailand and Malaysia pays a visit to CAMC and is warmly received by President Liu Hanru. The customers accompanied by Liu Hanru and technicians as well as service staff visit CAMC’s production workshops, assembly workshops of Xingma mixer truck and production line of Hanma engine. During the visit, they exchange opinions and answers customers’ questions on technologies and techniques of CAMC’s heavy duty trucks, etc.

When introducing CAMC’s core product—Hanma engine, President Liu Hanru says: “Hanma engine is of the best quality with highest standard despite it comes to the market later than others. Like CAMC heavy truck, Hanma engine will push forward the technical progress of heavy truck power system as well. CAMC persists in quality while CAMC staff insists on creating perfect products. Hanma engine is the one integrating all world leading technologies into a whole and passes destructive tests in extreme harsh conditions such as in “high plateau, extreme low and high temperature”. The new technology of low speed but large torque and inside-cylinder braking makes it more fuel-saving, reliable and safe.” Also, Liu Hanru calls for Chinese in Southeast Asia countries to support the development of Chinese brands. He says that “as the most important part of Chinese nation, overseas Chinese play a key part in the independence of Chinese nation. In the same way, Chinese in Southeast Asia give much support to CAMC heavy trucks. I’m very grateful for that and also hope they could support CAMC heavy trucks as always and back up the development of Chinese brands.”

The visit lasts for half a day, during which customers are very impressed by CAMC’s advanced technology, closed dust-free production workshop of Hanma engine, top class equipment and facility, smooth technique and excellent introduction by Liu Hanru. One customer from Malaysia tells that “I’m an old customer. We have 7 CAMC engineering dumpers. The usage is excellent. This is my first time to visit CAMC production line. It’s amazing.” He also expresses his willingness to buy more CAMC heavy trucks equipped with Hanma engine this year.

Holding firmly the No.1 position among truck brands exported to Malaysia

According to the lead of CAMC Southeast Asia Market, the competition is very fierce in local market. CAMC has been deepening local market and attaching great importance. This year, this market finally ushers in new growth. Compared to previous year, Southeast Asia market will grow by more than 50%, enabling CAMC rank first among exported brands.

The growth is yielded after years of market development. The lead says “Southeast Asia customers have high recognition on Chinese truck brands. With year of solid development, CAMC finally improve the popularity. As far as I concerned, there are three major factors: first, CAMC’s products are of high quality. After years of development, customers begin to recognize it; second, CAMC put more efforts on developing the market as President Liu Hanru gives full support and has many talks with customers; and third, our service is getting enhanced. We have exclusive service staff staying in the market to help customers solve problems.”

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