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Xichai AOWEI Won Orders of 109 Units in Anhui

Date:2016-11-23 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, Wuxi Diesel Engine and JAC jointly held the GALLOP with AOWEI environmental protection power for Nation V launching promotion in Fuyang, Anhui, and obtained 109 orders that day.


Wuxi Diesel AOWEI Won Orders of 109 Units in Anhui

The GALLOP heavy trucks equipped with Xichai AOWEI engine have been followed by Anhui truck-lovers since entering the market of Anhui. The bursts of Xichai AOWEI boom have been blowing in Fuyang, Bozhou, Lu'an, Hefei and Chuzhou areas. It has achieved great achievements during the only six promotional activities to obtain 323 orders on the spot. Moreover it is especially acknowledged for the Xichai AOWEI engine of GALLOP applied of four-valve design, fuel injector in the middle structure, to be lower 2-3L fuel than the competing products in a hundred kilometers.

By excellent quality and excellent market feedback of Xichai AOWEI series products, GALLOP heavy truck will become a dark horse leading the heavy truck market, and become the friends of the majority of truck-lovers to gain mutual wealth.



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