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FAW Xichai Ranked First with Sales of 300000 engines in 2016

Date:2017-01-12 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The other day, it’s learned from FAW Xichai that they sold engines of 300000 units in 2016, up by 31% year on year. Among them, Aowei engine continue to stay on the top in the automotive industry over 350hp, and CA6DM engine market share even had a breakthrough of 60%, ranking first in the industry for four consecutive years. 

FAW Xichai Ranked First with Sales of 300000 engines in 2016
Faced with the grim market situation, Xichai adheres to the brand leader, accelerate the building of competitive advantage in supply chain, and finally completed the 61 L/M key procurement production lines construction from35 suppliers with the representatives of BOSCH and MAHLE; effectively promote the construction of black, non-ferrous foundry to further enhance the control of key resources. Implement supplier performance evaluation by strengthening supplier access management ensured the sustained and stable healthy development of Xichai supply system with a average ratio of 3%-5% new and integrated suppliers, the number of core suppliers can reach 60.  
FAW Xichai Ranked First with Sales of 300000 engines in 2016
At the same time, Xichai strengthen the supply chain information construction to set up 42 function modules according to the advanced standards in the industry, which are potential supplier life-cycle management, procurement plan synergy, logistics synergy, financial synergy and quality synergy, greatly enhance the comprehensive coordination ability between Xichai and its suppliers. In terms of quality control, reliability project, delicacy project, zero kilometer and other special work of procurement quality defense are promoted orderly, improved the core competitiveness of the supply chain. 


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