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JAC Sales Hit Record High in the First Three Quarters of 2021

Date:2021-10-15 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA, October 15 /chinatrucks.com/ - According to the production and sales released in September, JAC sold 42,000 vehicles, and the total sales from Jan to Sep were 397,000 vehicles, with YOY growth of 19.2%. JAC is currently advancing towards the 14th Five-Year Plan of "Millions of Vehicles, Hundreds of Billions Revenue", and the international business is going to achieve the main strategic goal of "150,000 vehicles and 15% of total sales" at the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Commercial Vehicles

From the perspective of sub-categories, JAC sold 19,000 commercial vehicles in Sep, and total sales 213,000 units from Jan to Sep. Among them, the total sales of light trucks from Jan to Sep were 159,000, and the growth of medium trucks achieves 20.8% from Jan to Sep. At the end of Sep, the total sales of mini-trucks has surpassed of last year by the YOY growth of nearly 50%.

Passenger Vehicles

23,000 JAC passenger vehicles was sold in September, YOY growth of 49.8%. The total sales from Jan to Sep was 183,000, YOY growth of 69.4%. Among them, the sales of pure electric passenger vehicles in Sep was 14,000, YOY growth of 162.9%, and the total sales from Jan to Sep was 90,000, YOY growth of 190.5%.


JAC Exports in September also performed well, reached sales 10,000 vehicles in Sep, YOY growth of 131.2%, and total sales from Jan to Sep was 57,000 vehicles, YOY growth of 140.8%.

JAC has been favored by more and more consumers in countries along the “Belt and Road”. In Egypt, the 2nd largest auto market in Africa, the car ownership is relatively large and has grown rapidly in recent years. JAC has taken advantage, return to the Egyptian market with a new family array of models, new image, and overall situation. It has recently delivered 1,000 orders.

JAC still has bright spots in many overseas markets. In the highly competitive Mexican market, JAC continues to improve its marketing capabilities. With the help of digital marketing methods, Mexican terminal sales have increased significantly. The local sales of JAC in Sep YOY growth of 119.4%, and the total sales from Jan to Sep YOY growth of 83.7%. The growth rate was significantly ahead of the local area mainstream international brands. In the key market Peru, JAC achieved significant sales growth from Jan to Aug this year, with total sales 4,665 units, bucking the trend and becoming the No. 1 Chinese brand in the Peruvian market.

As the "new 4 modernizations" have become an inevitable trend in the development of the automotive industry, JAC's vigorous deployment in the field of new energy in recent years has produced a remarkable effect, and continues to help the in-depth development of overseas markets. At present, JAC Motors possess abundant production line for both new energy commercial vehicles including light trucks, small trucks and light buses, and new energy passenger vehicles including sedans and SUVs. From Jan to Sep, JAC has reported significant growth in overseas market with nearly 800 uints of new energy vehicles exported abroad.

Since the beginning of this year, JAC electric light trucks have been favored in Latin America and have repeatedly won orders from giants such as Pepsi and DHL in the Brazilian market. Recently, the EU version of high-end light trucks has been exported to Israel in batches, marking that JAC high-end commercial vehicles have been recognized by developed countries. New energy passenger vehicles are also popular in many overseas markets. In the Mexican market, JAC pure electric vehicles gain an overwhelming advantage. Mexico's Wal-Mart and JAC have reached a strategic cooperation to purchase JAC electric vehicles in batches for door-to-door delivery services.


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