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Cummins's New Low-carbon Fuel-agnostic Engine Platform Strategy

Date:2022-02-18 Author:Mia Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In a special Valentine’s Day press event today, Cummins unveiled the industry’s first unified, fuel-agnostic internal combustion powertrain platforms, helping fleets decarbonize today.

Here are five things to know about this exciting new technology approach from Cummins.

1. An industry-first approach

These new fuel-agnostic engine platforms will feature a series of engine versions that are derived from a common base engine, which means they have a high degree of parts commonality. Below the head gasket of each engine will have similar components and above the head gasket will have different components for different fuel types. Each engine version will operate using a different, single fuel.

This is an industry first. These are the first engine platforms to be intentionality designed with commonality in mind for both the engine footprint and components across fuel types.

This technology approach will be applied across Cummins’ X-Series, L-Series and B-Series product platforms, which will be available for diesel, natural gas and hydrogen, and will springboard the ability of our customers to customize their transitions to zero.

2. Tangibly address climate change today

Climate change is the existential crisis of our time, and there is a role for each of us to play. We have an opportunity to make a positive impact by being part of the solution and our planet needs everyone doing what they can.

Our approach must be a combined effort of zero emissions where it’s available and using our cleaner power or reduced carbon where it’s not. There is no single solution or “magic bullet” to get to zero that will work for all application types across all markets and duty cycles.

Is it hydrogen? It is battery electric? Natural gas? Advanced diesel?

The answer is yes to all of the above. This is the quickest way for the world to get to Destination Zero.

3. Built on a legacy of innovation and dependability

These fuel-agnostic platforms are designed and built-upon the learnings extracted from millions of diesel and natural gas engines manufactured and currently in-use. Today’s digital and connected technologies allow Cummins to extract insights specific to different engine duty cycles, and leverage these to design reliable fuel-agnostic platforms.

Cummins’ unmatched testing and evaluation process ensuring high-performance products. In addition, these products are backed by the industry’s largest sales, service and support network.

4. Cummins is best equipped

11,000 engineers, 37 technical centers, $1 billion annually spent on research and technology and 10,600 Cummins certified dealer locations. These key capabilities, built over the last 100 years, accelerate our ability to help our customers decarbonize.

Working with Cummins to navigate the journey to zero emissions means working with an experienced partner that has the right knowledge, tools, and resources to help fleets make the transition to new power options.

5. Gives everyone options to make an impact

The shortest path to zero requires scrutinizing the entire chain from well to wheels. It means making leaps where we can and taking smaller steps where we cannot. Those who can shift to battery electric or fuel cells today should do so. Those who can’t, can leverage this new fuel agnostic engine platforms to start decarbonizing today.

Cummins believe it will take all of us pulling as one to reach net zero. And we’ll continue to focus on innovating lower-emissions solutions alongside our zero-emissions technology to secure a sustainable future for all of the industries that keep the world running.

Join us in being part of the solution. Our planet needs everyone doing what they can and to keep asking ourselves, “What can we do this year to make a difference?” What can we do right now?”

Learn more about how our new low-carbon fuel-agnostic engine platforms are a part of the decarbonization answer.


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