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Yuchai Commits to Develop Both Clean Energy and Traditional Energy Eninges

Date:2018-05-04 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On April 25, Auto China 2018 officially kicked off in Beijing, which had been held every two years since 1990. As a well-known engine enterprise in China, Yuchai appears on Auto China 2018 with its diesel engine, hybrid engine, gasoline engine and a battery-powered motor as a response to the future emission upgrades.

As the emission regulations are getting more and more rigorous, people tend to believe that tradition fuel power is to be replaced by clean energy. However, in a relatively short period of time, clean energy and traditional energy power will continue to coexist and play respective role in different applications. As Lin Tiejian pointed, yuchai will adhere to its way of attaching equal importance to engines both powered by clean energy and traditional energy.

According to the data released by CAAM, Yuchai has been ranked number 1 in terms of Diesel engine sales in March and will continue to be strong. On clean energy, Yuchai has set up a new energy division since 2016 and out of which hybrid power assembly and full electric power assembly has been produced and introduced to the market.Develop Both Clean Energy and Traditional Energy Eninges

In early 2018, Yuchai had unveiled several national Ⅵ-compliant engines based on its S, K and Y platforms as a response to fierce completion and emission upgrades. With their displacement ranging from 2L to 5L and power ranging from 100 to 650hp, these engines have been given updates in terms of comfort, fuel economy, environmental performance and reliability as compared to National V-compliant products. With great interest in the products, some vehicle makers like Dongfeng and Yutong have reached strategic cooperation with Yuchai.

Yuchai will put several flagship products on the market in limited quantities in 2019 to get ready for implementation of national Ⅵ emission standard in 2020 after they finished research and development work in the year. Meanwhile, in the late half 2018, the new generation of hybrid power system and fuel cell battery system are expected to be introduced to the market in China. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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