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Dongfeng Liuzhou H7 Rivals Imported Trucks

Date:2015-04-27 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor released H7 heavy truck in brand new production line, and the truck owns 67 patents and it features safe, reliable, fuel-prudent and high efficient.

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor released Chenglong H7 6x2R flat head tractor in Auto Shanghai 2015.

1. Safety. The keel frame driving cabin adopts WEBCO safety braking system, TMPS tyre pressure monitoring system, anti collision warning system etc many active and passive safety technology, and its braking safety distance is for 32 meters in 60km/h, 3 meters longer than domestic like products.

2. Reliability. The brand new chassis adopts European technology, and the warranty for the engine is for 100,000km and the suspension, wheel and storage battery don’t need to be maintain, and WABCO, ZF, EATON and CAMAX etc. Imported parts to ensure the reliability.

3. Fuel Prudence. The gross weight for Chenglong H7 is for 7.6 tons, the lightest among like products in China. And its fuel prudence is less than 34L at 80km per hour with the improved wind resistance and transmission system.

4. Comfort, intelligence and high efficiency. The NVH of H7 reach world level, and the indoor noise is 65db, 3db lower than the industry average level, and its smoothness is 0.48m/s2, like the level of imported high end trucks. Brand new telematics is used to monitor the vehicle remotely, and it can manage fuel consumption, cargo transport, safety and problems etc ten functions.

Cummins ISL, ISG, ISZ series engines and Yuchai 6L, 6MK and 6K series engines are optional and the horsepower are from 270-460ps.

For the name, we are told that Chenglong is commercial vehicles for Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, and H represents heavy-duty platform, and 7 is the number for current high end heavy trucks.

H7 is developed based on world hot sales truck models and it marks the strategic vehicle model in the future for DLM and it is the new generation of high efficient logistic truck.

“Chenglong H7 is the achievement by all our staff in Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, and we are confident that the new truck will bring better driving experiences and greater values,” said Cheng Daoran, GM of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor.

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