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JAC Frison Sales Go higher in the Overseas Market

Date:2016-11-30 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chiantrucks.com: Up to October 31, JAC Frison exportation has exceeded 1000 units, accumulating at a number of 1129 units. The production target has been reached ahead of the schedule, with all JAC staff’s efforts, which is embodying of Frison high quality product competitiveness. In the meanwhile of sales boosting greatly, JAC pickup has implemented sample vehicles introduction or batch orders in over 30 countries around the world, and achieved the double breakthrough in product sales and sales channel, which has landmark significance for the company exportation business.


JAC Shuailing T6 Sales Go higher in the Oversea Market

The overseas market had a good performance, but the domestic one did better. Frison has been a hot pickup with higher sales since it has been launched. From Jan. to Oct., JAC pickup sales accumulated 12939 units, up by 71.6% year on year, ranked the No.1 in the industry. 

JAC Frison used the bran-new shape design to pander to the aesthetic standard of the new generation automobile consumers group. Hawkeye lens headlight is simple and sharp, the air-inlet grille is crafted by a large number of chrome-plating, and the designer also embellishes the whole structure by a lot of smooth lines and contours.


JAC Shuailing T6 Sales Go higher in the Oversea Market

Frison uses technological interior, with main black and silvery drawbench lines between them. Multi-level dashboard, floating central console panel, plush multimedia device and expensive comfortable seat packed by perfect leather all demonstrate the high-end pickup style of  Frison in the new epoch.

Frison with Strong power is not only equipped with efficient engine developed jointly by JAC and North American engine giant Navistar, but also the Yunnei Power 2.0T can be chosen. The great output power not only can deal with a variety of complex road conditions, but also ensure driving quality, when loaded with a large amount of goods, it can provide sufficient power support. The maximum torque output is 250Nm/1800-2800rpm, with that you can quickly speed up. The strong power and manual transmission of high-tech 5 + 1 gearbox achieve the smooth shift while taking less fuel with multi-gearshift operation.


JAC Shuailing T6 Sales Go higher in the Oversea Market

JAC excellent chassis manufacturing strength gave a great deal of technological support to Frison chassis, improved the pickup’s load capacity significantly. Moreover, double wishbone and spiral spring front suspension and treble shock-absorb rear suspension can ensure load and comfort at the same time.

JAC Frison has set a good pickup example in consumers’ heart since its debut the previous year, believe that Frison must take hold in medium and high end pickup industry.

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