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More Than 2000 Dongfeng Tuyi Trucks Were Delivered to Customers

Date:2020-03-18 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

As the spread of COVID-19 slows in China, the country has seen an orderly resumption of work to reboot its economy. Recently, Dongfeng also witnessed a large quantity of light truck delivery to its customers. After having 100 Tuyi trucks delivered to JinHaiYang HuoDi, they had just taken delivery of another 12 Dongfeng Tuyi trucks to Jinmailang on March 8.

More Than 2000 Dongfeng Tuyi Trucks Were Delivered to Customers

To date, more than 2000 Dongfeng Tuyi trucks have been delivered to customers for operation. Their quality and performance are consistently proven superior to any other competitors available by customers and are highly recognized.

By now, they have a wide variety of powers available for customers for the National 6 Tuyi truck, which was launched in just 2019. Apart from the 1.5L Liuji Power and 1.6L Dongan Engine, they also provide customers with 2.3L Quanchai engine and Dongan 1.6L CNG dual-fuel engine to meet the various demand of market. As for transmission, an upgrade has been carried out from the current double cones synchronizer to three-cone synchronizer.

More Than 2000 Dongfeng Tuyi Trucks Were Delivered to Customers

It measures only about 1.7m in width and 2.1m in length. This allows Dongfeng Tuyi turcks to move in or out of narrow lanes and underground parking garages freely in urban environments.

In addition, the distance from the ground is lowered which is better for loading and unloading. Due to the adoption of whole frame chassis and 140 reinfored manganese steel frames, it exhibits significantly improved carrying capacity and will become the ideal truck model for short-and regional-haul applications like transports of vegetables and fruits, cold chain, supermarket distribution, and express delivery.

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