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Yuchai was Selected the TOP50 2008 Chinese Construction Machines


Recently, after the YC60 and YC85, the YC230LC-8 full hydraulic crawler excavator became the 3rd product of Yuchai Heavy Industry to win the title of TOP50 Annual Chinese Construction Machines. 

The selection of "TOP50 2008 Chinese Construction Machines"was started in 2006 by a number of major media of construction machinery that included the Construction Machinery & Maintenance, Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery Technology & Management, Construction Mechanization, Machinery & Electronics Business, China Construction Machinery Industry Yearbook, and Construction Machinery Channel of HC360 Net. The purpose is to nominate and select construction machines that gain outstanding performance in product innovation and technological progress.   

As a mature medium size excavator produced by Yuchai Heavy Industry, the YC230LC-8 has some good features such as multiple new technologies and high reliability. Compared to other home made excavators of the same tonnage, it has high configuration, easy maintenance, fashionable design and strong power:

Fashionable design and high configuration: the leading appearance design compared to similar domestic products is based on the demands of users that shows its close link to the market. Its introduction of wholly imported hydraulic system, electric power control system, GPS system, new full-color LCD monitor and high-power air conditioning considerably improves its whole performance.

Easy maintenance: its automatically refuel system and centralized lubrication system save the troublesome routine maintenances of medium size excavators. The application is rarely used in the same domestic products.

Strong power: YC230LC-8 may choose Cummins or Yuchai engines, both of which achieve Euro- III standards. It adopts advanced electronic control technology to achieve the functions of engine start-up protection, pre-warm and warm-up, electronic throttle, automatic idling and others. Additionally, it has 3 working models to meet the energy-saving needs in various working conditions. They are: Heavy Load Model (H), Economic Model (S) and Light Load Model (L).

In the past, the construction machinery of Yuchai was famous for its mini excavators. The title of TOP50 2008 Chinese Construction Machines that YC230LC-8 has won marked the shift of Yuchai construction machinery to Yuchai Heavy Industry, which was based on the changes of product and market recognition. 


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