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Brilliance Auto to Cooperate with Russian Heavy Truck Maker Kamaz

Date:2014-05-07 Author:Eric Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Brilliance Auto is developing very well in China passenger car markets and their two brands Zhonghua and Jinbei are rather popular. In commercial vehicle markets, after layout in light buses and light trucks markets, Brilliance Auto is considering to enter heavy truck markets. And recently they have stroked cooperation memorandum with Russian Kamaz Group for further cooperation.


Brilliance Auto to Cooperate with Russian Heavy Truck Maker Kamaz

Brilliance Auto president Qi Yumin places great expectations to the cooperation, and he said that Jinbei and Zhonghua are two of Brilliance Auto's brands and they have cooperated with BMW for ten years and they are going to cooperate with Kamaz, the king of trucks in Russia. In the long run, Brilliance Auto will realize complete development among the three fields.

It is learned that Kamaz is one of the biggest auto maker in Russia and their main products are heavy trucks. Brilliance Auto will set a joint venture with Kamaz and the preliminary work has began, and in the long run, they will also produce Kamaz trucks in China.

Feasible strategic deployment for vehicle mode and import and export has began for the two parts and the business plan is subject to finish in Sept. 30 this year and they will also declare their cooperation details at that time. Kamaz public website has announced that the signed Memorandum of Cooperation has clear and detailed plan for the joint venture.


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