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2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages

Date:2017-04-14 Source:AW

www.chinatrucks.com: On April 7th, Auto Shanghai 2017-JAC Brand Day was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. As the core business of JAC, JAC light commercial vehicles showcased more than ten exhibited cars including new energy vehicles, fuel vehicles and engines. Through the research of core technology and perspective layout of future industry trend, JAC has comprehensively fulfilled the companies’ objective of brand upgrading and the national strategy of ‘Made in China 2025′.

2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
‘In the first quarter of 2017, JAC light-duty commercial vehicles have totally sold 66,000 units, up by 15%, among which light-duty trucks were the sales champion for two consecutive months of January and February, displaying JAC products competitive advantages in the technology, quality, business and services. Around the objective of brand upgrading, JAC commercial vehicles will work hard from the aspects of research, production, business and service. So, Brand Day is not only the centralized display of new technology and new products, but also the reports of JAC phase achievements in brand upgrading.’JAC commercial vehicles superior expressed when receiving the interview.
2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
Breakthrough in the Intelligent Technology Pioneer in the Multi-Dimensional Intelligent System
Under the new form and new industry of the current internet development, the automobile has transferred from the traditional automobiles to intelligent mobile terminal and self-driving direction. In the future, intelligence will boost the coming of the new automobile life in the information entertainment, connected cars, active and passive security. On the Brand Day, the intelligent technology achievements were mainly reflected in the vehicles’ intelligent security, intelligent comforts and intelligent internet, lifting the achievements of the customers ‘value to a new height.
2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
In the intelligent security, JAC commercial vehicles comprehensively created the intelligent stereo protection system from the brake system upgrading, lights upgrading and driving assistant system upgrading, among which, as to the brake system, JAC has developed for the light-duty trucks advanced equipment such as dual airbags, ABS, Disc Brake, Hill-start Assist Control; as to the light system, it will realize automatic control according to the change of the driving environment; moreover, JAC has taken the lead in the development of rear view camera function so that it has broader visual range and advanced infrared supplement light function, furthermore, 360 degree panoramic image has perfectly solve the problems of troublesome steering blind areas, while the four-direction camera can realize the no-dead angle monitoring, and can provide the car body position image + front view imager according to the steering instruction with the screen switch between 2D and 3D.Meanwhile, JAC commercial vehicles have started the development of more advanced security configuration, such as ESP、LDWS、AEBS, and it will be applied in the mass produced vehicles.
 2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
In the intelligent comforts, JAC light-duty commercial vehicles have many intelligent configurations such as CCS (Cruise Control System), multifunction steering wheel, MP5, etc. to create the intelligent joyful driving system.
While in the intelligent interconnection, JAC light commercial vehicles are equipped with J-Connet2.0 intelligent connected car system, which has integrated position monitoring, fuel consumption management, driving security, diagnosis and maintenance, driving analysis and operation monitoring, providing the most efficient, security logistic solution for the logistic team.
Besides, JAC light commercial vehicles can fully meet customization requirements from different logistic segments in different environment. It is introduced that JAC light commercial vehicles can meet more than 300 customization requirements from 24 industries, including the industry customization of the express, cold chain, hazardous chemicals and so on.

2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
Breakthrough in the New Energy Technology Creating New Energy Development Layout
After 15 years electric technology accumulation, JAC has already mastered the core technologies of electric vehicles, especially the battery thermal management technology and security management technology.
The exhibited i3, i5 and i6 are JAC pure electric vehicles. Their loading capacity has covered 0.5-3 ton with the mileage of more than 160km, using the newest technologies of remote monitoring system, energy recovery and energy intelligent management, among which ,i3 is positioned as the city logistic distribution and based on the X series,the maximum power of the motor driving system is 69HP with the mileage of 180 kilometers, besides, i5 is equipped with four lithium iron phosphate battery, the maximum power of the motor driving system is 150 HP with the mileage of 180 kilometers. By using the light weighted cargo, the cargo volume can reach 15.67 cubic meters, fully meeting the demands of city logistic branches distribution, while i6 can be used for the goods of 0.5-15 ton with the cargo volume can reach 11 cubic meters with the mileage of 160 km.

2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
In the security aspect which is also the customers most concerned aspect, i3、i5 and i6 all have realized the three-level security protection of spare parts level, system level and the complete vehicles level, achieving the high voltage safety, complete vehicles crash safety and EMC safety in the multi-power components.
2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages
Breakthrough in the Power Technology
2.0CTI and 2.7CTO are the newest diesel engines developed by JAC, which have the characteristics of high performance, low fuel consumption, high reliability, low noise and low displacement. Innovatively using the world-class diesel power technologies of ultra-low friction valve system, cross exhaust technology and staged combustion technology, Maxxforce 3.2L engines can lower the fuel consumption when outputting the strong power.
2017-JAC Brand Day Highlights the Technology Advantages

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