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Auto Shanghai 2017: WABCO Showcases Industry-Leading CV Technologies

Date:2017-04-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, will showcase its latest innovations at Auto Shanghai 2017, the 17th International Automobile Industry Exhibition, a leading trade show in China, the world’s largest commercial vehicle market.

WABCO Showcases Industry-Leading CV Technologies at Auto Shanghai 2017
WABCO will feature several of its key enabling technologies and functionalities that represent intermediary milestones toward the commercial vehicle industry’s vision of autonomous driving. Differentiating WABCO products and systems on display will include:
Industry-Leading MAXX?22 Single-Piston Air Disc Brakes – the lightest and highest performing single-piston air disc brake for heavy-duty trucks and buses. MAXX brakes offer shorter stopping distances and easier, faster maintenance than conventional drum brakes. WABCO’s PAN air disc brake range, including PAN?17, represents highly robust, reliable and quality performance in all kinds of truck, trailer and bus applications. WABCO will also demonstrate its customized Wheel End Solutions, comprising complete air disc brake packages that weigh over 100 kilograms less than a tractor with drum brake configurations.

WABCO Showcases Industry-Leading CV Technologies at Auto Shanghai 2017
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – WABCO’s industry-leading portfolio of active safety systems includes its OnGuard? suite, the industry’s first independently supplied solution for collision mitigation systems (CMS), with nearly 300,000 systems sold worldwide. In addition, WABCO will feature its OnLane? easy-to-install lane departure warning system and breakthrough ESCsmart? electronic stability control, which mitigates annually up to an estimated one million critical driving situations worldwide. WABCO’s advanced driver assistance systems also help commercial vehicle manufacturers to comply with the latest regulatory safety standards.
Pioneering Braking Systems – WABCO’s industry-first anti-lock braking system (ABS) for commercial vehicles has sold over 10 million systems globally. The company’s electronic braking system (EBS) is also the industry’s first standardized EBS for full-electric and hybrid-driven commercial vehicles, providing optimal energy recovery. WABCO’s mBSP? modular braking system platform enables vehicle makers to interchangeably equip their truck and bus platforms with either ABS or EBS anywhere in the world, which supports lean manufacturing globally. WABCO’s mBSP is the industry’s most advanced solution of its kind and a powerful enabler to adopt future advanced driver assistance systems.
WABCO Showcases Industry-Leading CV Technologies at Auto Shanghai 2017
Breakthrough e-comp? Electrically Driven Compressor – for commercial vehicles with full-electric and hybrid drivelines. Intelligently engineered with its own integrated electric motor, WABCO’s e-comp provides air delivery independently from the combustion engine. Easy to install, e-comp further improves operating efficiency for China’s class of “new energy” commercial vehicles.
Industry Award-Winning OptiDrive? – modular automated manual transmission (AMT) technology for trucks and buses that increases fuel economy up to 5% while reducing emissions. A breakthrough in AMT technology, OptiDrive transforms a manual transmission into a highly efficient system, which automatically shifts gears and operates clutch actuation at optimal speed. OptiDrive technology frees drivers from frequent gear-shifting, reducing their stress and fatigue. This means drivers can focus further attention on road and traffic conditions, resulting in increased driver comfort while improving vehicle control and road safety. Differentiated through superbly engineered modularity, OptiDrive can be quickly and easily adapted to existing manual gearboxes, helping equipment makers to reduce development costs and to bring new truck and bus models to market faster. Major original equipment manufacturers in China and India are increasingly adopting OptiDrive.

WABCO Showcases Industry-Leading CV Technologies at Auto Shanghai 2017
Market-Leading Transmission Control Automation – WABCO’s latest generation of integrated automated manual transmission (AMT) technology offers highly customized solutions for vehicle and transmission makers. WABCO AMT solutions not only increase fuel economy up to 5% but also reduce maintenance costs by mitigating poor gear-shifting by less experienced drivers. WABCO is the global market leader with 3.5 million AMT systems sold worldwide.
Award-Winning Intelligent Trailer Program – fully customizable to individual fleet needs, it monitors and controls more than 40 onboard functions such as OptiLevel? electronic air suspension control for trailers, which combines manual and automatic control of trailer height. WABCO’s latest generation of Trailer Electronic Braking System is central to enabling the Intelligent Trailer Program, the industry’s most comprehensive suite of options that helps fleets to reduce operational costs, save fuel and increase the safety and comfort of drivers.
“At Auto Shanghai 2017, we demonstrate how WABCO’s technology leadership mobilizes vehicle intelligence and further empowers commercial fleets,” said Sujie Yu, WABCO Vice President, Asia-Pacific and Business Leader China. “By integrating technologies such as braking, stability, transmission automation controls and advanced driver assistance systems, WABCO helps original equipment makers to produce safer, greener commercial vehicles while also enabling fleets to operate more efficiently and with further safety benefits.”
“We already deliver our advanced PAN series of air disc brakes in China, and we are currently localizing our industry-leading MAXX single-piston air disc brakes, which further differentiates WABCO and exemplifies our design-for-China strategy,” said Yu. “In particular, WABCO’s latest breakthrough technologies enable vehicle makers to comply with new upcoming regulation of safety specifications for coaches in China.”

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