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Yuchai Unveils Its Clean Energy Engines at the 81st Auto Parts China

Date:2017-06-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: In recent days, the 81st China Automobile Parts Fair has been inaugurated in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, at which Yuchai Group unveiled its hybrid engine system, pure electric drive system and high-end heavy-duty engine.

Yuchai Unveils Its Clean Energy Engines at the 81st Auto Parts China

China Automobile Parts Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Auto Parts China”) is sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation. As the largest automobile parts fair featuring large exhibition scale, rich exhibition items and strong profession in China, the fair comprehensively displays new products, technologies, materials and processes as well as integral level and development orientation of China automobile parts industry, providing an all-round platform of exhibition, trade, exchange and cooperation to assist enterprises in further building their brand images.

Boasting an absolutely dominant position in the clean energy engine field, Yuchai Group inevitably deserved the title of star in the Auto Parts China. Thanks to the displayed clean energy hybrid engine system and pure electric drive system, it attracted numerous participants from China and ASEAN countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia for communication and negotiation. As the first domestic ISG hybrid engine system was successfully researched and developed in 2007, Yuchai Group’s hybrid engine system has been taking the lead in the industry. In addition, this system featured environmental protection, large power and fuel economy with a rate of fuel saving reaching the advanced level in China. Until now, Yuchai Group has launched the 3rd hybrid engine system and multiple engines exclusive to hybrid electric vehicles, occupying more than 65% share in the domestic hybrid electric vehicles market. Yuchai Group’s pure electric drive system achieved the intelligent energy management in hybrid electric vehicles. Meanwhile, it realized the infinitely variable speed and high efficiency by adopting direct-driven motor, mainly suitable for pure electric buses, service cars, special vehicles and the like.

In addition to products exhibition, Yuchai Group has participated in numerous large conferences and negotiation and promotion activities, sharing its technological advantages in the clean energy field. Meanwhile, it commits to launching more engines featuring high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection to both domestic and international markets by continuously research, development and upgrading of clean energy technology.

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