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CIMC’s Export of LPG Semitrailers to Vietnam Contributes to One Belt One Road

Date:2017-09-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, six LPG semitrailers departed from the cargo shipping center of Jingmen Hongtu Special Aircraft Co., Ltd (CIMC Hontu) for Vietnam. The LPG semitrailers with volume of 52m3 were purchased by two Vietnamese clients, and this was the sixth time for the company to ship LPG semitrailers to the country. The company has exported 37 LP semitrailers to Vietnam so far.

CIMC’s Export of LPG Semitrailers to Vietnam Contributes to One Belt One Road

In recent years, Vietnam is very strict with the control and management of hazardous chemical transport vehicles that exceed the compliance baselines, and forbids the registration, inspection and licensing of vehicles that fail relevant tests. Due to the narrow roads and bad road conditions in Vietnam, local customers conduct stricter tests of products’ lightweight and compliance with special requirements. They even lift the whole vehicles onto the specialized weighing platforms to check that they are within the weight limits, and examine the distribution of axle load to traction pins and three rear axles with platform scales. Vietnamese laws regulate that the gross weight (vehicle and cargo) of a semitrailer should be no heavier than 39,000kg, lighter by about 1,000kg than the one that previous requirement permits. at the time of full load, the axle load distributed to traction pins should be no more than 15,000kg, and that distributed to three rear axles should be no more than 24,000kg.

According to Liang Bo, Senior Marketing Engineer in the Asia-Pacific Section of Enric, Hontu’s LPG semitrailers are specially designed according to applicable Vietnamese road codes and standards and feature lighter weight and larger volume. Hontu makes the LPG semitrailers lighter by reducing the thickness of cylinder bodies and steel plates, replacing carbon steel with aluminum alloy washboard, using aluminum alloy mudguards and rings, and adopting lightweight suspension system with the suspension of 4 leaf springs. In the meantime, Hontu inputs all data into the calculation table used by Vietnamese vehicle registration and inspection authorities, and when the product conforms to such registration and inspection requirements, adjust the wheelbase, distribution of axle load and the distance from the center of tank body to the center of rear axle, so as to maximize the volume of the semitrailers. Thanks to the excellent configurations and the influence of Hontu LPG vehicles’ international and high-end brand image, the semitrailers are well received on Vietnamese market and are popular with local users.

Vietnam, a country covered within the framework of China’s “One Belt and One Road” Initiative, is one of important markets in Southeast Asia for CIMC Hontu. In recent years, Vietnam is in the rapid industrial development period, so it has greater demands for energy and chemical storage equipment. Hontu LPG vehicles, which accounts for 50% share of domestic market, represents 35% share of Vietnamese market. It is the preferred brand of high-end Vietnamese clients, and dozens of Hontu LPG vehicles are exported to Vietnam each year.

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