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JMC Brand New Pickup “VIGUS” is on the China Market at Alxa Heroes Club

Date:2017-11-06 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Alxa is located in the northwest of China, a dream city in the desert.

Alxa Heroes Club contains world class’s SUV competition in desert place, and there are varied SUV show, which more than your expectation, it also include aerobatics, Motorcycle stunt riding, music festival and even you can enjoy all kinds of delicious Chinese food in the food festival.

JMC Brand New Pickup “VIGUS” is on the China Market at Alxa Heroes Club

As JMC’s latest All-Terrain high-end pickup, brand new “VIGUS” bring its power and energy with leading-edge technology.

There will be 12 models released in total by this time, and it covers Diesel / Gasoline, two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive, Manual/automatic types.

Big front grille, narrow eyebrows and sharp eyes, brand new “VIGUS” inherited JMC family’s classic forward thrust design, what’s more, it integrate with wild and arrogant elements into the design. These design made it being shocked and very impressive.

It is to be believed that, most people will be given the first impression of brand new “VIGUS” with its strong and muscle. But if you look into it with more details of its elegant interiors and abundant modernized equipments, you will find “VIGUS” tender and beautiful “heart”.

Brand new “VIGUS” interiors mainly use cold tone, and also, extensive using chrome plate enhancing its metal texture. Driver seat, handrail and door inside area are using brown and black leather stitching to increase the fashion sense. So take an entire view of the interiors, it is comparable with medium class passenger vehicle either from material selection or visual experience.

JMC Brand New Pickup “VIGUS” is on the China Market at Alxa Heroes Club

Brand new “VIGUS” is equipped the same engine with “Land Rover Defender” which is Ford PUMA 2.4T version in its diesel model, work in with GETRAG’s six-speed manual transmission, it can climb to maximum torque at 375N·m with 1750rpm/s requires only.

Gasoline version equipped with Ford EcoBoost 2.0 GTDI engine, with the maximum output power at 151KW and maximum torque at 325N·m, also has powerful explosive force. What’s more, new added Automatic model use ZF’s six-speed tiptronic, this design can fit to both novice or experienced driver.

With the advent of the lifting of the ban of pickup in China, a pickup truck times is coming. Brand new “VIGUS” is born for this age, now it is get everything ready and wait for you to bring it open a new vision for Chinese pickup truck! (www.chinatrucks.com)

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