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Remarkable Progress in Truck Engine Transformation Yuchai Truck Engines Set Sail

Date:2017-12-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

“Till this October, the overall sales amount of Yuchai engines has exceeded 300,000, which realized a year-on-year increase of 20%; among all Yuchai engines sold this year, sales amount of Yuchai truck engines has reached 178,300, which realized a year-on-year increase of 37% - the transformation of truck engine market has achieved preliminary results.” indicated by CPC Secretary Huang Yi of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. when he was interviewed by the reporter during the 2017 China International Commercial Vehicle and Component Exhibition.

Remarkable Progress in Truck Engine Transformation Yuchai Truck Engines Set Sail

Initiating Transformation, Yuchai is Marching Forward Courageously

Behind the sales rise of truck engines, the product promotion strategies of Yuchai and its efforts in product technology upgrading shall not be ignored. As one of the leading domestic manufacturers of commercial vehicle power system, Yuchai has China’s largest internal combustion engine production base. Yuchai has already gained good reputation in the bus market. Even more, Yuchai used to dominate the market of truck and engineering vehicles (market share > 60%) in China. Influenced by national policies, construction projects are being reduced remarkably, which results in sharp declination of truck sales, as well as the biggest challenge to the sales promotion of Yuchai.


When God closes a door, He always opens a window. The overall sales declination of engineering vehicle could not slow down the fast development of road transportation excited by the development of the transportation industries like express delivery and rapid transportation, etc. By accurately grasping the market trend, Yuchai started to explore the transformation of power system for engineering vehicles to road transportation vehicles.

The great writer Lu Xun used to say that “a real warrior is brave enough to confront squarely the bleak life.” Without fixed cooperating truck manufacturer, Yuchai still managed to accumulate a large group of user fans through its powerful brand influence in the market, which could easily turn the direction of this aircraft carrier in the power system market.

From its abundant market experience and resilience, Yuchai is fully aware that the market shall be carefully cultivated and products shall be unceasingly upgraded. Mr. Huang Yi indicated that, “Yuchai actively modified its market direction by changing its focus to the road transportation vehicles and towing vehicles and deeply cultivating the fractionized fields like special vehicles, cold-chain transportation vehicle and car carriers, etc.” An explicit direction is the precondition of the brave advancing.

“Moreover, the power systems for engineering vehicles are different with the power systems for road transportation vehicles. Customers of engineering vehicles pay more attention to the power performance and reliability, while customers of road transportation vehicles also attach importance to the comfort and fuel efficiency, which bring forth new requirements to the development of our products. ”

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Technology upgrading of product is not a difficult task for Yuchai. As a state-level high-tech enterprise, Yuchai has over 10 product R&D centers in and out of China, which are featured with strong R&D strength. YC6K engine series is an important product decision made by Yuchai according to its abundant market experience and accurate judgment upon the market trend. The fractionized product R&D and continually optimized product series are root causes of the sales rise of Yuchai truck engines.

With Advanced Technology as Core Competitiveness, Yuchai is Invincible

“During this exhibition, a lot of excellent products made by Yuchai are displayed. If you are asked to describe the Yuchai truck engines with a word, which word would you choose?” asked by the reporter during the interview.

“I think the word should be “advanced””, replied by Mr. Huang Yi.

“In particular, the YC6K engine series features with similar R&D technology and theories with the latest generation of heavy duty engine of Europe, which realized a lot of innovations in the diesel engine field: the first overhead camshaft four-valve heavy duty diesel engine which could satisfy the Euro III -- Euro VI emission standard; the first product integrated with the RG reliability growth technology; a product integrated with the state-of-the-art Top-Down Cooling technology; the innovative introduction of precise combustion and electronic control technology and reversed cross-flow cooling technology; and high strength material and high-efficiency engine VVEB technology, etc.” explained by Mr. Huang as supplement.

It is also learned that according to the product data information of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., it has been developed into the industry leader because of its strong product strength. The rated power of its 12L YC6K diesel engine has reached 480HP, and the max. torque is 1800 - 2200 N·m. YC6K13 is a 13L engine with the largest displacement in domestic market, its rated power could reach 580HP and the max. torque could reach 2550 N·m, which could meet the power requirement of the vehicles of which the rear axle ratio starts with “2”; the product is featured with large torque, fast acceleration, low fuel consumption, which could ensure the smooth running of vehicles in all kinds of road conditions.

Furthermore, compared to similar-type engines, YC6K is characterized by faster start-up, acceleration and climbing, as well as less time-consumption in same distance. The dynamic response of YC6K could be shorter than 2 seconds, while the value for products of competitors is over 4 seconds. The excellent quality has ensured the technology leadership for YC6K since its introduction, which also could meet the requirements of high-efficiency logistic towing vehicles and towing vehicles running in complicated road conditions.

Till now, the YC6K series product of Yuchai has been widely assembled to many heavy duty truck brands, such as C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle, JAC and DAYUNAUTO, etc., and gained great popularity among the users.

It is worth mentioning at this point that during this exhibition, besides the engine products, Yuchai also brought forth a special surprise -- engine components made by 3D printing. Yuchai has introduced the 3D printing technology into its production since 2006. In 2014, the 2 digital technologies -- 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and digital moldless casting precision shaping (subtractive manufacturing) were combined organically to realize the intelligent integration of the core equipment, which generated the new combined force for rapid engine production. It is the unique and brand new technology and production mode in China, which could realize the rapid and efficient R&D of new products.

The field staff of Yuchai introduced that Yuchai 3D printing technology could realize moldless manufacturing, which could shorten the development period of products remarkably. Compared to the traditional technology development period (8 months), the new technology could save 5 months averagely; the reduction ratio reaches 62%, i.e. significant reduction of product development cost and period. The development of the upcoming Euro VI products will be finished with the aid of the 3D printing technology, which has been turned into an ace tool of technology development of Yuchai.

An old Chinese saying goes like this, “set sail while the wind is fair, a fine horse dashes without a horsewhip.” This year, the sales situation of the heavy duty trucks in domestic market is hunky-dory. Yuchai is experiencing a smooth transformation to the road transportation product by grasping the opportunity of the emission upgrading of Euro IV and Euro V. Excellent truck engine products represented by YC6K series products have sowed seeds with spectacular gene in the market, now let’s just wait for the fruitful harvest season. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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