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Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli Inspected JAC Motors

Date:2018-01-16 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On January 9th, 2018,Under the accompaniment of Vice Premier of the State Council Ma Kai, State Councilor and Secretary-general of the State Council Yang Jing, Deputy Secretary-general of the State Council Ding Xiangyang, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of the State Council Han Wenxiu, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli visited JAC to inspect the research and development of new energy vehicles, innovation, and so on. He encouraged JAC to become customer-oriented and seize market opportunities to win -larger space for development.

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli Inspected JAC Motors

Party secretary of Anhui Province Li Jingbin, Governor of Anhui Province Li Guoying, Executive Vice Governor of Anhui Province Deng Xiangyang and Party Committee Member of Anhui Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Hefei Song Guoquan accompanied. And the Board Chairman of JAC An Jin made the introduction of JAC developing situation.

Entering into JAC passenger car second plant, S7,S2,IEV pure-electric vehicles were properly arranged in the production line, which is a flexible production line, realizing mixed-line production of conventional fuel vehicle and new energy vehicle through the modular assembly with one unit of new vehicle off the line every 90 seconds.

Zhang, listened to Mr. An's introduction of JAC business operation carefully and attentively observed the assembling process of this flexible production line. Then, he gave -recognition to this automatic, intelligent, scientific and technological production line.

'Is this a lithium battery?'inquired by Zhang when he was standing in front of JAC new energy vehicle battery exhibits and carefully examining the battery internal structure.

'This is a ternary lithium battery.' Mr. An introduced, 'the key technologies of battery pack’s electric heating management and essential safety management are independently developed by JAC. In recent years, JAC R&D’s liquid cooled battery system can ensure that the battery pack works at a normal temperature above 45 degrees or minus30 degrees. 'It can ensure the safety of battery as well as bring the battery performance into full play.'

Zhang praised JAC's effects on new energy vehicle core technology and marketization application.

Until now, JAC has established the 'seven generation' IEV technology platform and systematically mastered pure-electrical vehicle’s battery pack, motor and electric control three core technologies and some key technologies such as technology and energy recovery, drive and brake electric coupling, remote monitoring and electromagnetic compatibility. JAC has promoted altogether nearly 80,000 new energy vehicles. In 2017, the total sales of our new energy vehicles exceeded 30,000, increasing 31.14% over the same period of last year

Zhang has always paid close attention to the production capacity cooperation project between China and Kazakhstan. In November, 2016, the automobile plant project of JAC in Kustanai, Kazakhstan has officially kicked off.

'How is JAC plant in Kazakhstan?'

'The plant has been put into the production and some products have been exported to surrounding countries. And the radiation function has preliminarily appeared.'

Zhang is satisfied with JAC seizing the 'One belt, One road' strategic opportunity, innovating the cooperation model and speeding up 'Going out' strategy.

In 2017, JAC had exported more than 60,000 units' vehicles to overseas, with 60% of them to nearly 30 OBOR countries.

The latest JAC new energy vehicles and high-end products were displayedin the square. Zhang walked forward to examine them and take a test drive. An made a detailed introduction of those vehicles’ technical characteristics and market performance one by one.

Zhang gave a high praise to JAC vehicle's streamlined design, intelligent technology application, comfortable riding and high safety.

During the inspection, Zhang gave full affirmation to JAC insisting on innovation-driven development strategy, positive development, independent innovation, supply-side reform and constantly improving the quality of enterprise development.

The leaders of JAC Motors, Xiang Xinchu, Zhou Gang, Yan Gang, Chen Zhiping, Li Debin,Yin Xingke accompanied this visit. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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