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CNHTC, Dongfeng and JAC Seizes Opportunities Brought By Belt and Road Initiative

Date:2018-03-15 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Since China’s Belt and Road Initiative officially launched a few years ago, several players in the commercial vehicle industry, including CNHTC, Dongfeng and JAC, has been making steady progress in their overseas expansion.

What did they do exactly? Let’s take a closer look.


In November, 2017, CNHTC’s second KD assembly line in Ethiopia officially started operation. Having become well recognized by the local customers, CNHTC has established a formidable presence in the country. Currently, it is maintaining a fast growing momentum in the country and other nations in East Africa.

CNHTC, Dongfeng and JAC Seizes Opportunities Brought By Belt and Road Initiative

Actually, in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and Africa, CNHTC has already established its own production base to make localized products to suit the special needs of its customers. What’s more, by making heavy investments, exporting its state-of-art technologies, the company has also greatly increased its export volume and created a win-win situation in which all parties have been reaping enormous benefits.


In 2012, Dongfeng officially launched its overseas expansion. In October, 2017, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongfeng Automobile Group, sponsored Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. Throughout all these years, it has established an enviable presence in a number of countries across the world, laying a solid foundation for its globalization.

CNHTC, Dongfeng and JAC Seizes Opportunities Brought By Belt and Road Initiative

In January, 2015, Dongfeng and Volvo jointly set up Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., which was created to take full advantage of the two companies’ global marketing network and production facilities. In 2017, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. sold 25,000 units vehicles in the overseas markets, up by 22.2% year on year.

Last month, it held a press conference in Guangzhou, announcing its overseas expansion plans. Also at the conference, it put its latest four fist products on display, namely Dongfeng KC 6X4 truck, Dongfeng KC flagship 6X4 truck, Dongfeng KC 4X2 cargo truck, and Dongfeng KC construction waste transport vehicle.


As one of the leading players in China’s commercial vehicle industry, JAC has been growing steadily and constantly in the international market. Along with its rising status, JAC is gradually pushing China’s commercial vehicle industry to a new historical height.

CNHTC, Dongfeng and JAC Seizes Opportunities Brought By Belt and Road Initiative

According to JAC, it set up its first light truck production base in 2005. So far, the combined exports of its light trucks have reached nearly 200,000 units, ranking the first place among all other light truck brands in China.

In 2017 alone, JAC exported over 13,000 units light trucks abroad, maintaining its top position in the light truck export market among all other players. Having successfully made its way in over 130 countries and regions across the globe, it is now playing a predominant role in many countries, successfully beating several internationally famed brands from Europe and Japan. In addition, JAC Light Truck Production Base can now be found in a number of countries, including Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Mexico, etc. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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