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The First 22 JAC SUNRAY Pure Electric Vehicles to Arrive in Mexico

Date:2021-08-06 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

MEXICO, AUGUST 6TH, 2021 -- On August 3rd, JAC began shipping its first batch of 22 SUNRAY pure electric vehicles to Mexico, providing more sustainable mobility options for people there.

22 JAC SUNRAY Pure Electric Vehicles Are Set to Deliver in Mexico

As the world’s economy develops rapidly and the process of urbanization and industrialization keeps advancing , emissions from the transport sector has become a major contributor to climate change, which has caused a serious concern for the international community. In this context, the government of Mexico is also promoting a more sustainable urban mobility for the country.

Corresponding to the international trend, JAC entered the Mexican market years ago by launching a wide range of EV products. Together with local logistics sectors and prominent players in the clean energy business, JAC carried out a lot of tests and trial operations in the initial stage. With a perfect combination of spacious, comfortable riding experience and long driving range, they are now widely recognized and secured numerious orders.

In addition to reducing the effect of vehicle pollution to the environment, these electric vehicles will also help establish a sustainable and green urban transport system, ultimately improving the overall mobility experience in the area.


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