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Liuzhou Motor Rolls Out T7 and H7 Trucks

Date:2018-03-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor officially released two fist products, Chenglong T7 and H7 trucks with a maximum 580 horsepower. Both vehicles are set to become the new trend-setter in the heavy-duty truck industry in China.

Liuzhou Motor Rolls Out T7 and H7 Trucks

Chenglong T7 with a maximum 550 horsepower, has already gained a reputation as the most well designed truck in China. With its engine mounted in its long head, the vehicle is less likely to roll over, which further improves the safety standards of the vehicle. In addition, its Weichai WP13.550E501 engine, weighing 905 kg, has a displacement of 12.54L and a maximum 550 horsepower. When its rotation speed reaches 1,000-1,400 r/min, the vehicle’s peak torque stands at 2,550N.m, providing an exceptional power for the vehicle when it is driving on slopes.

In addition, Weichai WP13 engine boasts impressive performances and superb fuel economy, thanks to Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor’s latest achievements in optimizing the combustion of the engine, reducing the friction, and developing intelligent fuel-saving systems.

Equipped with Fast 12JSDX240TA transmission gearbox, Chenglong T7 has successfully cut its weight. Its light-weight aluminum alloy wheel hub and wheel end also help the vehicle cut weight. Its rear axle reaches a speed ratio of 3.7. Its Webco chassis braking valve and ABS as well as its steel front suspension and air-bag vibration-reducing rear suspension help the vehicle further improve its safety standards.

Also worth mentioning are the double oil tanks (with a volume of 550L and 450L respectively) mounted on Chenglong T7. They help the vehicle achieve longer continuous driving distance. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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