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SHACMAN Develops a New Sedan-Transporting Truck

Date:2018-12-19 Author:Trucksen Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, SHACMAN officially rolled out a brand new truck for transporting sedan cars. With an ungraded power system, the new truck is equipped with Weichai WP9H336E50 engine. As its engine displacement increases from seven liters to nine liters, the truck has improved its power from 300 horsepower to 336 horsepower.

SHACMAN Develops a New Sedan-Transporting Truck

One of the major highlights of the new truck is its driver’s cockpit with upgraded air-conditioning system, allowing drivers to enjoy more spacious room and more travel comforts.

With 6.5T maintenance-free front axle and 425 maintenance-free driving rear axle, SHACMAN’s new sedan-transporting truck achieves higher reliability and higher energy efficiency. Its rear suspension plus its ECAS can help adjust the height of the loading platform by up to 70 mm, making it much more convenient for loading on and off sedan cars.

The truck has an oil tank with a volume of 600 liters, fully meeting all the requirements for long-distance transportation. With Tianxingjian internet service network, the truck is monitored in real-time. In addition, it can be readily adjusted to meet customers’ varied requirements.

By successfully lowering the center of its gravity, the truck creates more room for sedan cars and at the same time achieves higher operation stability. In addition, with better maneuverability, the truck effectively helps its operators cut their operation costs.

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