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SHACMAN Announced Delong K3000 Light Truck Rolls Off Line

Date:2019-05-20 Author:Will Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On May 17, SHACMAN Delong K3000 light truck officially made its debut in Yantai under the witness of journalists of various media and industrial insiders.

SHACMAN Announced Delong K3000 Light Truck Rolls Off Line

As the competition intensifies in China’s light truck market, customers have set increasing higher standards on the power and performances of light trucks. Equipped with Weichai engine, FAST transmission gearbox, and Hande axle, Delong K3000 has improved its power performance by 10%. In addition, it has successfully improved its reliability, fuel economy, travel comforts and intelligence level.

Currently, SHACMAN boasts a wide spectrum of truck products, including K3000 light trucks, L3000 medium trucks and X3000 heavy-duty trucks.

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