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Foton Forland H series new trucks pass crash tests

Date:2012-05-24 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Sales of Foton Forland trucks have led China light commercial vehicle markets for 15 years. 254,000 Forland trucks were sold in China in 2011, and its market shares are 27.2%. 

There are over 300 employees in Foton Zhucheng Ollin plant, and powertrain, chassis, electronics system, vehicle body and computer aided design. Most advanced research and development devices such as PRO/E, UG and CAD. 

Forland H series trucks have been tested in long-time, long-distance, high strength, mountainous region, gravel roads for nearly 10,000 km. And the truck passes C-NCAP crash safety performance test on March 14, 2012. 

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