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Shacman Attends International Coal Exhibition

Date:2015-09-07 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The 10th International Coal and Energy Industry Exposition  has been held in the High-tech Zone in Yulinfrom 1st to 3rd Sep.2015. As China top 500 enterprise, Shacman attended it with seven units of trucks such as X3000 heavy trucks, M3000 6x2 dual fuel tractors and F3000 6x4 dump trucks, highlighting the show for high-end, smartness and environment protection, attracting great attention from the government, coal transport companies, media and the acuqisition companies.


Shacman Attends International Coal Exhibition

X3000 heavy truck  is another  carefully designed  high-end products that has been hatching for over  three years. It is a  new generation of high-end tractors It will lead to economic and effective logistic transformation as well as the breakthrough of the traditional highway logistic models. The model  has the advantages in   among the long-haul high-end tractors  for its fuel conservation, light weight, durability, easy operation, safety and smartness.

M3000 6x2 fuel-gas hybrid power dual fuel tractors are the first hybrid heavy trucks  in China.  The new energy saving truck  is ready  to run in the hybrid situation of diesel fuel and natural gas,  and the gas provides the main force  since diesel fuel only works for ignition and lubrication.  Compared with traditional heavy trucks, it is cleaner, more economical and environmental friendly.

On the expo, many visitors came to the stand of Shacman for information about configuration,price, and questions related to items of hybrid power heavy trucks.


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