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SHACMAN Orders Breakthrough 15000 Units in October

Date:2016-11-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com:Recently, SHACMAN sales have achieved high growth, and the orders even developed rapidly with daily orders breakthrough 1000 units and monthly orders breakthrough 15000 units. Among them, SHACMAN Delong X3000 6×4 and new M3000 6×4 had better performance in the sales market.


SHACMAN Orders Breakthrough 15000 Units in October

The company pointed out that SHACMAN sales has contrary growth, the first reason is the tractors sales growth increased significantly, while SHACMAN X3000 sales doubled, and gold version market share maintained the first in the industry; the second one is dumpers sales keep up trend and the third one is SHACMAN achieved breakthrough in cargo market. Other while, in the segment markets, port tractor, new green muck truck has kept the first in the industry in long-term; Express, cold chain, transportation, sanitation and other segment markets has achieved rapid breakthrough.

According to the data, from Jan to Oct, the sales of SHACMAN are over 58000 units, up by 50% year on year, and the market share is 14%, up by 1.5% year on year. The tractors are delivered 37000 units, up by 52% year on year; the dumpers are delivered 12000 units, up by 36% year on year; and cargoes has achieved rapid breakthrough, up by 100% year on year. The sales of SHACMAN X3000 are 19000 units, up by 4.2 times, while the gold version even has breakthrough 8000 units and keep the first in the industry.

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