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SHACMAN Trucks are More Popular with Bolivia People

Date:2018-01-08 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Speaking of Bolivia, the first scenery that comes to your mind should be the Fantasting Uyuni Salt Fla. Most of the country is characterized plateau terrain with an average elevation of over 3,000 meters, making it the highest average elevation in the world. It is abundant in natural resources and so it is called "the donkey sitting on a gold mine ".

In Bolivia, over 85% goods are transported by road, which offers opportunity for SHACMAN to enter and take on a key role in local transportation and infrastructure.

SHACMAN Trucks Increasingly Popular with Bolivia People

SHACMAN trucks are selected to facilitate the construction of a local river project. The person in charge of the project, Sergio said:” these trucks will be used to move the gravel from the beach to the construction site tens of kilometers away. With Cummins 345hp engine, the trucks deliver good performance both in reliability and durability. Globally access to Cummins parts has assured us of the concern about maintenance. In addition, these trucks offer transmission from FAST, an international renowned brand. Much other strength includes a low speed but high torque, high fuel efficiency, strong power, low noise and easy operation. The comprehensive strong whole vehicle performance and powertrain are required to ensure operation safety and attendance when it comes to soft road full of ups and downs. As of now, SHACMAN truck has done a good job in such a tough operation condition.

“We are fully satisfied with the SHACMAN trucks for their perfect vehicle performance and high attendance and we will place another order if the project needs. “ Sergio said. In the beginning, we heard that hundreds of SHACMAN trucks are being used for two Holy Highways under construction (San Barca-San Ignacio de Mosso Highway Project in Bolivia), then we dispatched technicians to visit and found that SHACMAN truck can even operate round the clock with no faculty in the tough and hard to reach Amazon Rainforest areas. After we got back, we decided to try SHACMAN truck. It proved that we are right and SHACMAN trucks absolutely don’t disappoint us.

It seems that SHACMAN truck has gained a reputation both in domestic and international market. Currently, SHACMAN truck has found its way to global markets and favored by consumers across the world. In future, we believe that SHACMAN truck will make inroad into more countries to popularize its brand image. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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