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Xishuangbanna:Tour of Honor ZX Auto Visits Borders

Date:2009-12-09 Author:Jason Source:Chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, Dec.9, 2009)Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the founding the of the People's Republic of China, ZX Auto jointly, with CCTV Network, shot the feature documentary entitled, Present Day China Border Defence: Invincible Pass, which in full scale demonstrates New China's establishments in border and coastal defence, and unfurls the devotion and vigilance of the Border Defence Unit soldiers. The complete shooting of the documentary was funded by ZX Auto, and the journey was greatly smoothed out by the Grand Tiger pick-ups and Landmark SUVs provided by ZX Auto. ZX Auto hopes that through such activities, the supreme valor of the border defence soldiers and quality product by ZX Auto can inter-relate and inspire each other, fulfilling ZX Auto's social responsibility and inspiriting its further development.

ZX auto

 ZX Auto has, for long, devoted its attention to China's national defence as well as the life of border defence soldiers, and has therefore been involved a series of endeavors to the revealing and honoring of such, including the filming of Long March: Imperishable Spirit, 2006; Journey of Eight Thousand Miles: A Documentary of Tibet's Peaceful Liberation, and the aforementioned feature documentary. In each and every one of the documentaries, there are always the features of ZX Auto vehicles as the shooting utilities, conquering the complexity and hardship of the trip with exceeding performance.

ZX Auto

The shooting this time covered 24 border posts, which means endlessly long journeys, extremities of road condition and the vagaries of the weather and therefore had confronted the shooting vehicles with extremely high demand on its performances. Thereby, the Network, at first, couldn't be more prudent in picking out the vehicles and was casting caustic performance requests at the vehicles. Nonetheless, ZX Auto Landmark (Landmark V3, V5) SUV's being cast the important transportation role three years in succession is by virtue of its exceeding performances in safety, drivability and passability as well as its widely celebrated brand image. Whether as the security inspection purpose vehicle during the Beijing Olympic Games, or as the champaign of the mass production model section, China Auto Relay, December, 2008, ZX Auto never fails in impressing its customers and fellow manufacturers of its magnificence and preeminence. The trip to the border posts was no exception, just as the way the crew and Border Defence Unit soldiers put it, “It is amazing to find the resemblance between the vehicle's quality, performance and the valiancy and dedication of the soldiers.


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