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ZX Auto Wins an Order of 550 Grand Tiger TUV Pickups from Iraq

Date:2013-12-26 Author:Evelyn Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: It is learnt from ZX Auto that it wins another order to export 550 Grand Tiger TUV pickups to Iraq. Thanks to the good reputation in Iraqi market and excellent performance of Grand Tiger TUV, ZX Auto is awarding with larger and larger market share.

Influenced by the global market, the overall export of automobiles in China is slump. By sharp contrast, ZX Auto receives good news in succession: in the first half year, it receives orders totaling 653 units exporting to Libya; in August, it is awarded with orders worth of 2000 units by Venezuelan government; in October, it signs a contract to export 550 Grand Tiger TUV pickups to Iraq. Despite of turbulence in the international market, ZX Auto remains to achieve good growth in overseas markets and holds firmly the leading position relying on its advantageous products and good export strategy.

Grand Tiger TUV pickups will be exported to Iraq again

The export of ZX Auto dates back to 1996. Since then, ZX Auto has been updating records in the past 22 years and placing itself in a leading position among Chinese brands entering international markets. In the history of pickup exports, 2003 is a yielding year for ZX Auto which exported 2000 units and 4000 units in succession, creating a record of the largest amount in a single export. In 2009, ZX Auto once again exports 6000 pickups to Libya, another new record in single export of pickups. The exported models are also upgraded from low-level products to medium-level Grand Tiger G3 and then to high-level Grand Tiger TUV. Currently, ZX Auto has exported to more than 100 countries and regions and set up KD plants in Iran, Jordan and Burma and cooperates with Egypt AUTOMOTIVE GATE by exporting technology.

Grand Tiger TUV uses Prodrive’s exclusive SUV chassis with higher bearing capacity and stable operation. The bearing capacity of Grand Tiger TUV is up to 950kg, much heavier than its same kind (500kg). It is matched with 235 tyre, 200mm from the ground. The excellent all-terrain cross performance is able to handle any complex road conditions, which is also why it is popular in Iraq.

Besides the good performance, another reason for Grand Tiger TUV’s popularity is overseas users’ recognition on ZX Auto service. Grand Tiger TUV launches a BTB service policy synchronizing the standard in Australia. According to the service, if the complete vehicle runs 60,000km in three years, 184 components of 211 will be in the warranty. The quality guarantee rate is 87%.


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