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JMC Light Trucks Starts Sales Promotion in New Year

Date:2011-02-25 Author:Eric Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: JMC starts sales promotion by cutting prices of their Kaiyue, Kaiyun minor-axis series trucks as much as 7,000 Yuan. JMC minor-axis light trucks are originated from Isuzu NHR production lines, and they were dominating China medium and high-end minor-axis light trucks for a long time together with Qingling. JMC minor-axis light trucks are equipped with Isuzu national 3 engines, N series enhancing chassis, Isuzu transmission and 2,000,000 km safe driving.

Traditionally customers deem that light trucks with high price will be high-quantity. JMC is trying to change the idea by sales promotion while making sure that the quantity is the same as before. And it may mean that domestic light truck market may enter “high-quantity and medium price” era.

Some experts analyzed that this is inevitable outcome of market development to pursue light trucks with high cost-performance ratio. JMC introduced Ford management experiences and global purchase system to reduce costs. So it is possible for customers to buy a high quantity JMC light trucks with medium price.


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