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Qingling&Isuzu to Roll Out GIGA Heavy-duty Truck at Shanghai Autoshow

Date:2017-04-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Qingling which has an important position in the light truck industry now is taking aim at heavy-duty segment with GIGA launched. Local sources say Qingling & Isuzu will launch this heavy truck GIGA at Shanghai Autoshow.

Qingling to Make Its GIGA Heavy-duty Debut at Shanghai Autoshow
Qingling&Isuzu GIGA Heavy-duty Truck
Since Qingling cooperated with Isuzu in 1985, its N series light truck and later developed 100P, 600P and 700P are mainly used for the medium and short distance transportation in cities and become an important part in the high-end light truck market. Isuzu’s heavy truck is mainly sold its heavy duty chassis to high-end industrial users such as cement pumpers, post office and firefighting rescue and emergency rescuing trucks, etc. There is no real heavy truck for Qingling. 

Qingling to Make Its GIGA Heavy-duty Debut at Shanghai Autoshow
Qingling&Isuzu N series light truck 100P
The heavy-duty truck and engine project was initiated in February 2013. After one year, the first 6U heavy duty engine rolled offline in March 2014; first VC46 heavy trucks got offline in April; 12 trial sale trucks were delivered to customers in May; heavy duty products were displayed in Chongqing Autoshow in June; and VC46 heavy truck and 6U heavy duty engine started a ceremony for massive production in September...... Step by step, the enterprise entered the heavy duty tractor market with confidence and strength, marking Qingling marching towards a commercial vehicle manufacturer that builds its own light, medium and heavy duty trucks.  

Qingling to Make Its GIGA Heavy-duty Debut at Shanghai Autoshow
Qingling&Isuzu VC46 Heavy-duty Truck
In an interview, a head of Qingling said that VC46 was jointly developed and produced by Isuzu and Qingling in Chongqing, featuring brand new 10L 6U National-Ⅳ engine, new driving cab, chassis platform and other complete vehicle production technology. The product is worth its price value better than its competition. The customers for Qingling VC46 heavy-duty trucks are as high as 85% when launched and further improved to 90% in mass production process, which was regarded as a real Qingling’s heavy duty products. 

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