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Auto Shanghai 2017: SINOTRUK Debuts SITRAK and HOWO Trucks

Date:2017-04-20 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: As a leader in Chinese heavy truck industry, SINOTRUK brings 7 complete trucks including SITRAK C7H intelligent truck, HOWOT6G, G5X light truck, a batch of powertrain, parts and APP. It also holds a press release conference for 2017 Fuel Saving Competition at the scene. 
Auto Shanghai 2017: SINOTRUK Debuts SITRAK and HOWO trucks Sinotruck HOWO T5G
At the autoshow, customers can experience powerful service provided through a platform known as SINOTRUK APP in terms of sales, parts and repair reservation. It is reported that more than 10,000 clicks are received every day. Up to 58% of the repair booking was made through the APP. These data shows that the APP provides great convenience both to users and the manufacturers and plays a very important role in SINOTRUK’s service. To some extent, we can say that SINOTRUK promote the vehicle intelligence into a new international high via reform. It will continue to lead Chinese heavy truck industry to develop in a scientific way and make constant efforts to revitalize Chinese automobile industry. 

Auto Shanghai 2017: SINOTRUK Debuts SITRAK and HOWO trucks SITRAK C7H 440

Allison Transmission Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ALSN) and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp. Ltd. (CNHTC) today announced an agreement to explore a strategic partnership to optimize fully automatic transmission technologies for the Chinese market. Executives from both companies signed a cooperation agreement during a ceremony at Auto Shanghai 2017.

"We believe fully automatic transmissions are the major development direction in many heavy-duty truck applications in China," said Chairman Ma Chunji of CNHTC. "After evaluating all available torque converter automatic transmission technologies, we look forward to working with Allison and introducing their product to our customers. They are an industry leader known for impeccable quality and lifecycle value."

Auto Shanghai 2017: SINOTRUK Debuts SITRAK and HOWO trucks

Allison transmissions use a torque converter for Continuous Power Technology? to smoothly multiply engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. By multiplying engine power, drivers get increased performance, faster acceleration and greater operational flexibility. Manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs) interrupt power with every shift. Allison transmissions maintain power to the wheels at all times for more productivity, better fuel economy and greater driver comfort and safety. Allison Automatics are globally recognized for their quality and reliability resulting in a greater overall economic value for customers.
Allison and CNHTC will focus on servicing the Chinese market while also exploring other opportunities. In addition to China, CNHTC has a strong presence in South America and has exported products to more than 90 countries overall. Similarly, Allison transmissions are used in more than 100 countries.

Auto Shanghai 2017: SINOTRUK Debuts SITRAK and HOWO trucks HOWO T7H


Auto Shanghai 2017: SINOTRUK Debuts SITRAK and HOWO trucks Sinotruck G5X Medium Truck

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