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SHACMAN's First CKD Project in West Africa Complete Successfully

Date:2017-06-22 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Recently, the 505th SHACMAN F2000 rolls offline and successfully passes acceptance check in West Africa CKD plant, indicating SHACMAN’s first CKD project is successfully completed and gets some valuable experience for future CKD project.

In 2015, SHACMAN’s overseas office got contact with the largest industrial group in Africa. After communication and visits for dozens of times, the group began to take an interest in SHACMAN products and purchased over 100 units. During the use, all products have no problems, thus making the group increase trust in SHACMAN heavy truck and laying solid foundation for further cooperation.

In 2016, SHACMAN Import and Export Company signed a contract for over 500 units CKD products and promised to deliver complete vehicles in 3 months after the CKD arrives at the local destination. Hence, SHACMAN put high emphasis on this project and dispatched outstanding staff to set up a West Africa CKD project team to work on complete vehicles with the CKD received. After fully knowing CKD production status, the team conducts innovative work from four aspects: material allocation, production tracking and following, online quality control and offline debugging. Whether its correctness and promptness from part devanning, sorting, and transmitting, or the assembly of complete vehicle, debugging quality and efficiency, it all gets improved. After nearly one-month assembly and training for local workers, the product team also transfers from assembly operator to product quality manager, and the assembly speeds up to 10 units per day from 5 units per day, laying solid foundation for following smooth production.

Customer’s evaluation team gives a big thumb up to the project team members after seeing the team’s persevering hard work and product’s outstanding quality, saying “it comes beyond our expectation that you can improve the assembly efficiency so fast, but produce such outstanding product at the same time. Your SHACMAN team is quite a guy and we believe in your strength”.

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