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Qingling GIGA Heavy-Duty Truck Launched in Dalian

Date:2017-06-30 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On June 28, Qingling GIGA heavy truck is officially launched in Dalian and the first batch is successfully delivered. It is learned that the GIGA heavy truck launched in Dalian is customized to each of their clients for cold chain logistics. The release of GIGA will provide local cold chain transportation industry with more comprehensive and highly efficient solution.

Qingling GIGA Heavy-Duty Truck Launched in Dalian

At the event, Vice-chief Economist of Qingling Cen Yunsong introduces that Qingling has been in cooperation with ISUZU for over 30 years guided by the principle of “to enable more Chinese customers to use international level commercial vehicles, to support logistics and transportation and to explore the environment and future”. In the past 30 years, Qingling has released a product portfolio covering all commercial vehicles especially the launch of GIGA, which further improves Qingling’s product structure and enhance Qingling’s competitive advantage.

The GIGA heavy truck delivered in Dalian is equipped with ISUZU 6W 460hp engine which pursues for low fuel consumption at high frequency to lower down the fuel cost in a maximum way from engine boost, cooling and injection. Far more than that, the engine is fitted with the new generation of ZF 16-gearbox with a transmission efficiency of 0.965-0.97. The combination of large torque engine with 16-speed transmission and small ratio of rear axle ensures the engine to work in a most economic range, lowering down the fuel consumption. In the meantime, GIGA provides several rear axle ratios to adapt to conditions in different areas and meet customers’ demand for varied load capacity.

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