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Cummins X15™ – Full Production, Full Success

Date:2017-09-12 Source:ccjdigital

www.chinatrucks.com: Think about this: the average amount of revenue lost during a single day of unplanned downtime is equal to the amount your fleet can save with a 2 percent increase in fuel economy over an entire year. That’s why having maximum uptime has to be your #1 priority. And Cummins X15 engines are delivering reliability and uptime over everything else.

Cummins X15™ – Full Production, Full Success

With almost 20 years of refinement on the 15-liter platform, the X15 is one of the most reliable heavy-duty engines that the industry has seen in decades. In 2016, 35.4 percent of the entire Class 8 truck market was powered by Cummins, a full 4 share points ahead of the nearest competitor. Even more trucks are expected to be spec’ed with the X15 throughout 2017, as people are hearing firsthand from early movers about its performance and dependability.

Currently, 26,000 X15 engines have rolled off the line at Jamestown. Every intial forecast has been surpassed, with every single month this year exceeding expectations and a continual gap growing on demand.

Cummins continues to deliver best-in-class fuel economy with a 2-3 percent gain on the X15 Efficiency Series engines in the 400-450 horsepower range and 8-12 percent better mpg at 485-500 hp ratings. The use of ADEPT™ technologies, including SmartTorque2, Predictive Cruise Control and SmartCoast, contributes greatly to fuel efficiency and drivability. Downspeeding allows access to peak torque starting at just 1000 rpm. If you are currently running older equipment such as an EPA 2010 ISX15, you can expect to see up to 20 percent better fuel economy with a 2017 X15 Efficiency Series engine.

The X15 Performance Series engine for 2017 delivers the most powerful engine and engine brake combination in the industry. The engine brake delivers increased braking power where it is needed most, in the 1300-1700 rpm range. The high-flow ERG cooler, fuel pump and turbo compressor work together with high temperature exhaust valves and maximum piston cooling to enhance reliability and durability at higher output levels. Having peak torque available at 1150 rpm ensures exceptional fuel economy for a high-performance engine.

Extended maintenance intervals significantly reduce downtime and total cost of ownership for fleets by 40 percent over the first 500,000 miles vs. an EPA 2010 ISX15 engine. Oil changes can be extended as many as 80,000 miles with Cummins OilGuard program, and DPF maintenance is now needed only once every 600,000-800,000 miles.

Positive feedback from fleets who’ve purchased 2017 X15 engines validates the reliability, efficiency and drivability of these engines – showing the effectiveness of Cummins field testing, the most comprehensive in our history with a total of over 9 million miles of real-world experience. Trust us, we know what we’re doing. And the 15L is here to stay.

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