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Changjiu Chuzhou Base Officially Put into Production

Date:2017-10-16 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On October 12, 2017, Changjiu Chuzhou base was completed and officially put into operation.

This is already the third base set up by Changjiu in addition to the other two located in Jilin province and Hebei province. The newly opened Chuzhou base will be used mainly for the production of central-axle car carrier and high-end wagons.

Changjiu Chuzhou Base Officially Put into Production

Before the new national standard GB1589 was issued, Changjiu group has arranged ahead of schedule and comes top in all fields. On January 23, 2017, Changjiu central-axle car carrier CHX5240TCL and tractor truck become the first models to pass the China Fuel Announcement and listed as the 37th batch Fuel Consumption of Vehicles for Road Transport. With a capacity of 11 cars, Changjiu central-axle car trailer become the most loadable central-axle car carrier and the first one to run on the highway.

In Chuzhou base, process that covers stamping, welding, painting and assembly was fully carried out in a way of whole vehicle development, aiming to meet individual need of customers.

Changjiu Chuzhou Base Officially Put into Production

The president of Changjiu refitting vehicle unit Ge Xianwen said: “Chuzhou base boasts an annual capacity of 6000 car carriers and 3000 wagons. In addition to the 3000 units by Jilin base and 3000 units by Hebei base, the three bases have a total annual production of 12,000 car carriers. If taking in all the vehicles, the three bases bears a production capacity of 100,000 units in a year, enough to meet the current market needs.”

Except for the great production capacity, there are still other key success factors including high quality and advanced technology. For instance, air suspension system was first fit to the central-axle car carriers to enhance the vehicle’s load capacity, reliability and stability. Changjiu partners with WABCO and fit EBS to central-axle vehicle to improve safety when braking. Patent applications by Changjiu group have reached 21.

As a leader in central-axle refitting vehicles, Changjiu Group’s ambition involves much more than just “refitting central-axle car carriers”. According to Changjiu Group responsible person, Changjiu will expand its business to Central-axle refrigerator and central-axle boxed truck in the future.(www.chinatrucks.com)

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