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Cummins Held Suppliers Meeting Themed with “Winning the Future”

Date:2017-12-26 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On December 13, 2017 Cummins China Suppliers Meeting themed with Winning the Future is held in Wuxi. At the meeting, several rounds of in-depth discussions took place on such pressing issues as improving the quality of its products, reducing its production costs, technological innovations, development of engines with National VI Emission Standards, safeguarding its production capacity, risk management, and multi-channel procurement. Aiming at further strengthening its cooperation with its partners, Cummins is determined to build a world-class supply chain for the highest efficiency.

Cummins Held Suppliers Meeting Themed with “Winning the Future”

Tim Millwood, Vice President of Cummins Global Purchase, Liu Xiaoxing, Cummins China Engine Business, Peng Lixin, Chief Technological Officer (CTO) of Cummins China, Wang Ning, General Manager of Cummins China Engine Business, Chen Hua, Cummins China Spare Parts Business, Xiang Yongdong, Director of Cummins China Supply Chain, together with over 400 suppliers from all over China attended this year’s meeting.

“An integrated supply chain is essential for the continued success of Cummins. Without the support of a sound supply chain, Cummins will not be able to fully take advantage of its technological superiority, its business of scale, and its well-connected global distribution networks”, said Tim Millwood at the meeting.

In response to the changing environment and a host of challenges, Cummins will continue to strengthen its competitiveness in its core business, the diesel engine sector. In addition, it is pursuing a new way of development which gives first priority to innovation in new energy sector, internet of vehicles and powertrain sector, providing more power solutions for its global customers, according to Liu Xiaoxing, Cummins China Engine Business.

Cummins Held Suppliers Meeting Themed with “Winning the Future”

To recognize the great efforts made by its supply partners this year, Cummins awarded over 30 suppliers 2017 Cummins Best Suppliers Award. They all have made enormous contributions for Cummins to improve the overall quality of its products, cut its production costs, make faster deliveries, perform technological innovations, develop new products, fulfill its social responsibilities and environmental commitment, and accomplish its diversified development.

In 2017, Cummins officially launched a campaign to promote its international image, promising to help its customers succeed by its ever enterprising spirit and trust-worthy products.

In the future, Cummins will continue to upgrade its supply chain with more flexibility and cut its lead time. Through the recycle of its packages and cut its logistic costs, Cummins will continue to build its green supply chain in 2018. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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