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SHACMAN Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of The People's Republic of China

Date:2019-10-08 Author:Linda Source:SHACMAN

The sky is clear, the autumn is cool, the sword is like the rainbow, the military power is vast.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of The People's Republic of China!

SHACMAN Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of The People

At 10:15 in the morning, the grand parade began in the spotlight. During the parade, the air guard flag echelon, the ground team, the equipment team and the air echelon pass through the Square.

Among the 7 teams that received reviews, such as information warfare, UAV, nuclear missile, supply and rescue, 48 SHACMAN military vehicles were particularly noticeable. As the cradle of China's heavy duty military off-road vehicle, SHACMAN has participated in six military parades for the past 50 years, witnessing the growth and prosperity of China.

In 1974, the "Yanan 250 brand off-road vehicle" developed by SHACMAN was formally designed and put into operation. On the 35th anniversary National Day parade in 1984, 32 SX250 off-road vehicles formed two rows, pulling the heavy artillery through the square.

At the end of the last century, on the basis of the first generation of "SX250 off-road vehicles" and combined with the needs of army development and upgrade, SHACMAN design and produce the second generation military vehicles the "SX2190". The mobility, off-road ability and comfort of vehicles have been greatly improved. On the 50th anniversary of the National Day in 1999, SHACMAN vehicles separated into four groups of SX2150 and SX2190 series heavy off-road vehicles, which were inspected by the Party and the people for the second time.

2009 National Day and 60th anniversary of Peoples republic of China, by virtue of excellent quality and advanced technology, the third generation military vehicles of SHACMAN appeared once again in the National Day parade.

Since the beginning of the new century, as an important military off-road vehicle production base in China, SHACMAN has been devoting itself to the research of military vehicle demand, keeping in mind the national defense mission, following the requirements of equipment development, and has developed various types of vehicles, such as SX2153, SX2190N, SX2300. On September 3, 2015, in celebrating the 70th anniversary parade of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan and the world's anti fascist war, the SHACMAN SX2190N model carried DF-5B and other models of vehicle equipment appeared for the fourth time through Tiananmen Square.

In order to meet the needs of national defense development and actual combat of the army, SHACMAN actively went deep into the army, conducted field investigations and comprehensive tests, and developed military vehicles such as general tactical vehicles and logistical support vehicles adapted to modern warfare. On July 30, 2017, celebrating the People's Liberation Army 90th anniversary military parade, with its excellent product quality and diversified products, SHACMAN military trucks participated in its fifth military parade.

After half a century of accumulation, SHACMAN has succeeded winning the third generation military vehicle project of the Chinese army in December 2016. It has become the only qualified supplier for the third generation heavy duty military vehicle. On the 70th Anniversary of the founding of new China National Day parade, the military vehicles of SHACMAN once again took arms in participation, showing the mission and responsibility of 50 years' large-scale manufacturing and modernization group.

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