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5G Unmanned Mining Truck Developed in China

Date:2019-10-31 Author:Will Source:xinhuanet

China has developed a 5G intelligent unmanned mining truck, according to Science and Technology Daily on Wednesday.

The unmanned mining truck is used for opencast mining. It measures 10.2 meters long, 5.4 meters wide and five meters tall, and has a carrying capacity of 110 tonnes.

The truck can plan its mission and route for itself, load and unload automatically, and drive by itself, the report said.

Unmanned mining trucks are expected to improve mining safety and production efficiency. Compared with other unmanned vehicles, mining needs trucks to cope with tough road conditions with unpredictable obstacles and no clear guideposts, said the newspaper.

The new unmanned mining truck features integrated direct line control, image processing, wireless communication and artificial intelligence technologies.

Jointly developed by the China Space Sanjiang Group and Vipioneers, the new unmanned mining truck was displayed last week at the 2019 World Conference on the VR Industry in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province.


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