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FOTON Cummins Helps AUMAN Heavy-duty Trucks to Explore Overseas Market Further

Date:2022-04-18 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In early April, overseas orders continue to come in! FOTON Cummins, together with AUMAN have received combined orders for more than 700 heavy-duty trucks from Nigeria and Colombia, helping AUMAN Heavy-duty Truck to explore the overseas market further.

400 FOTON Cummins Powered AUMAN heavy trucks delivered to the largest brewing company in Nigeria

Recently, 400 AUMAN GTL heavy trucks equipped with FOTON Cummins engines were officially delivered to Nigeria, which is the second order urgently added by the customer with its business expanding after its first purchase of 100 AUMAN heavy trucks in early 2022. The customer company to which these AUMAN trucks were delivered is called Nigerian Breweries Plc, the largest brewing company in Nigeria.

As a brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc has strict control over raw material and transport costs. Nigeria is known to have many "pain points" such as road congestion, low transport efficiency and high costs in its road transport system, which indirectly affects the timeliness of material transportation. Therefore, Nigerian Breweries Plc has regarded transport efficiency, attendance, and fuel economy as key considerations when purchasing vehicles.

The 400 AUMAN trucks FOTON Motor delivered this time were all equipped with FOTON Cummins engines and were precisely custom-built as required. A comprehensive iteration and updating have been performed on these vehicles based on its original version in order to adapt to the operating conditions in Nigeria. After upgrading, its fuel saving, efficiency, carrying capacity, volume and attendance have all got improved significantly.

1. Upgraded Fuel Effiency

AUMAN GTL Africa version is equipped with FOTON Cummins engine, and delivers not only higher reliability, but also achieves higher fuel efficiency as its 2000 bar ultra-high pressure injection common fuel rail system can reduce fuel consumption by 5-10% through full combustion. At the same time, the EBP fuel-saving switch can also automatically correct the driver's bad driving habits. And its engine has been designed to be lightweight, with a weight reduction by 300kg, allowing users to control costs while significantly increasing transport capacity.

2. Upgraded Reliability

In particular, its FOTON Cummins engine adopts modular design to reduce the failure rate. With ISOPOD turbo technology, the durability of bearing gets stronger and more secure. After over 30,000 hours of bench testing, high temperature, high cold and high altitude tests, the engine can deliver a more powerful and efficient attendance. It also features a non-EGR system design, which allows for a simpler system and, together with the proven DPF service technology, results in a significant increase in engine reliability.

328 Units FOTON Cummins Powered AUMAN Trucks Delivered to Colombia

Following the successful delivery of a large order in Nigeria, good news came from the overseas market - 328 units of AUMAN heavy-duty trucks equipped with FOTON Cummins heavy-duty engines set sail to Colombia from Tianjin port for use across different industries such as hazardous chemical transportation, bulk cargo transportation and vehicle leasing.

With the opening of the main transport routes in Colombia, the travel speed of tractors on mountain roads is expected to increase by more than 15km/h. At that time, Colombia will see an increasing demand from customers for medium and long-distance efficient logistics vehicles. FOTON Cummins features fuel economy and high effiency which will bring customers with highly competitive driving experience. 

Newly designed intake and exhaust and in-cylinder combustion systems allow for a 2% improvement in fuel economy. 

Supercharger outlet diffuser design can improve air intake efficiency and further reduce fuel consumption. 

Industry-leading power and torque are on par with its competitors, with fuel consumption 5% to 10% lower than similar products. 


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