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FAWDE Saw 61% Growth in Engine Exports During Jan.-Aug.

Date:2022-09-22 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

The cumulative export volume of FAWDE during January-August increased by 61% year on year. Of these, the export of Aowei products increased 215% year-on-year, hitting a record high.

FAWDE Saw 61% Growth in Engine Exports During Jan.-Aug.

Equipped with Aowei CA6DM3, Jiefang J7 was exported to Mexico for the first time. In Vietnam, Jiefang has received a small batch of order for its JH6 trucks equipped with the Aowei CA6DM2 engine. The new J6P tractor with Aowei CA6DM2 has successfully rolled off the production line and obtained the production and sales license in other regions.

FAWDE Saw 61% Growth in Engine Exports During Jan.-Aug.

Jiefang has completed the export layout of Jinwei CA4DB1 Euro V products, and developed 8 truck models for them. At present, sales of Jinwei products have made a breakthrough in countries such as the Philippines, Colombia and Bolivia. FAWDE also plans the exports of CA4DH Euro V and CA4DD2 Euro VI engines to gradually increase the export share of light trucks.

The volume of FAWDE engines exported with Jiefang vehicles exceeded 10,000 units during January to August, setting a new record.FAWDE Saw 61% Growth in Engine Exports During Jan.-Aug.

In terms of generator sets, FAWDE have been actively exploring new markets such as Chile and Kenya while maintaining the main traditional markets such as South Africa and Indonesia. From January to August, the export of its generator sets increased by 26% year-on-year. The engines for agricultural and construction machinery grew 56% year-on-year.


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