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Sinotruk Launches Central Axle Trailer Van for Its Customers

Date:2018-06-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

With the introduction of the GB1589-2016, China has increased the penalties for over-loading vehicles such as non-standardized containers, 17.5m bed trucks. In response to such a need from logistics companies and fleet operators, Sinotuk launched a center axle trailer van. This trailer van can be used together with SITRAK C7H, HOWO T7H, HOWO T5G and fully meet the law and regulations on the vehicle length under 20 meters.

Sinotruk Launches Central Axle Trailer Van for Its Customers

Going into specific, the vehicle uses a suspension frame, which allows the vehicle to travel smoothly over bumps; the vehicle height can also be adjusted according to the loading platform to save the time of loading; with the fitting tires sized 265, you get a low ground clearance and expanded container dimension; the high-intensity material used in frame and compound material in body efficiently cut down the weight of vehicle.

This trailer van has been highly favored by large logistics companies like DeBang, YTO since launching. Orders from some several other logistics are also under production and delivery. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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