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Hengtian Auto T3 Pickup Shows in Hebei

Date:2012-12-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: On Dec. 21st 2012, Hengtian Auto brought its new Hengtian Auto T3 pickup to show in its 2012 Business Conference. On the meeting, the chairman Wang Tiepeng announced that the after-sales service of Hengtian Auto T3 pickup, which is “Running 40,000 km with zero maintenance cost in the first two years and the longest warranty period of 200,000 kilometer in 5 years”.


Hengtian Auto T3 pickup shows in its 2012 Business Conference
Hengtian Auto T3 pickup shows in its 2012 Business Conference

The new pickup will be launched on the Chinese auto market in the first quarter of next year, priced around 90,000 uan. When the first spy shots of the T3 appeared in June Hengtian was criticized by Chinese media because the T3 looked a bit too much like the Volkswagen Amarok.

Hengtian Auto T3 pickup

Hengtian Auto T3 pickup

The Hengtian Auto T3 is the biggest and most luxurious Hengtian-branded vehicle to far, it will be positioned above the Hengtian T1 and T2. Power for the T3 comes from a 136hp 2.4 patrol four-cylinder, an originally Mitsubishi-developed engine that has been cloned in China and is used by small Chinese automakers.

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