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Linglong Actively Helps Its Distributors and Partners against COVID-19

Date:2020-04-14 Author:w Source:Linglong Distributors and Partners

Linglong Tire, as a world-class tire enterprise, has always been devoted itself in this special war against COVID-19 and try its best to help its global distributors and partners as much as it can.

On March 25, Linglong donated 300,000 disposable surgical masks, 2,000 sets of medical protective clothing, and 10,000 COVID-19 antibody test kits to the Serbian government through Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the People's Republic of China. This was the first time that Linglong Tire donated to a country outside China since the global spread of COVID-19.

Linglong Actively Helps Its Distributors and Partners against COVID-19

For its overseas distributors and partners, Linglong also actively helps them fight against COVID-19. When the virus broke out in China, its British dealer helped Linglong with 1,000 KN95 masks. Brotherhood, bear in mind. As the situation in Europe was getting serious, Linglong Tire timely denoted 1,000 KF94 masks to the British partner. The company also donated 1,200 KF94 masks to its French Distributors, 1,000 to Dutch distributor, and 500 to Italian distributor, totally over 12,000 KF94 masks donated to its European distributors. Besides, when Linglong’s African and Japanese dealers received the donated masks, they were full of thanks to Linglong. As of early April, Linglong has donated nearly 90,000 masks including KF94 masks and disposable surgical masks in total to its overseas distributors.

Linglong Actively Helps Its Distributors and Partners against COVID-19

Meanwhile, its partners have also received epidemic prevention materials from Linglong. On April 7, VfL Wolfsburg posted its special thanks to Linglong Tire’s donation on its official Chinese Sina Weibo.

Linglong firmly believes that the fight against COVID-19 will come to its end when we fight together.

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