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FAW Wuxi Diesel Engines Hot Sales in Jan to June

Date:2014-07-24 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Among fierce market competition, Wuxi diesel engines achieved all their semiannual sales plan with hot sales of their products. Wuxi Diesel Engine are expanding their own brands and their production capacity with upgrading their trucks and the plant profits are increasing rather fast.

We can see from the main sales statistics that the profits are far more than the sales growth in the first half year, marking their structure is changing and the products are improving. The market shares for FAW are 37.2%, up 2% over last year and 15.8% of which are off road trucks, up 0.3% over last year. And the percentage for six cylinder engines are 0.7% higher than over last year and 7000 Aowei engines are sold, while sales of engines with national 4 emission are over 20,000 units.

Wuxi Diesel Engine improved creation ability on energy saving and emission reduction, safe and comfort, electric and intelligent and new craftsmanship. They have finished L, M and N series natural gas engines and developed high end engines for off road trucks in the first half year.


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