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Jiefang New J6 Plateau Version is Launched

Date:2017-07-24 Source:www.chinabuses.org

www.chinatrucks.com: On July 18, FAW Jiefang New J6 Plateau Version Release Ceremony was successfully held in Chengdu. On July 15, Jiefang J6 has welcomed its 10th anniversary and seen the offline of its 700,00th heavy truck. When J6 first entered the market, there was nearly no high-end Chinese brand heavy truck. However, Jiefang J6 now has yielded remarkable achievement in different segmented markets.

The Plateau Version is built on the basis of New J6’s 75 upgrades in 6 aspects and it is an exclusive product developed for users in Southwest plateau regions. According to Li Xiaolong, sales manager of southwest marketing department of FAW Jiefang Sales Company, the Plateau Version has 8 advantages as follows:

Engine special for plateau regions—producing stronger power. In consideration of the low pressure and less oxygen conditions in plateau areas, J6 Plateau Version is equipped with 13L 550hp engine, plateau exclusive booster and electrical control data. In the meantime, the maximum torque is up to 1,200 rpm so as to reduce power loss. In addition, the middle-placed air filter enlarges filtering area to 13.6 m2 from 11 m2 compared with previous filter.

Hydraulic retarder—making going downhill safer. Considering the hilly road conditions in plateau regions, J6 Plateau Version uses hydraulic retarder with independent CAM engine braking and improves braking output from 225kW to 284kW in 2000rpm. After blended braking, the vehicle in full load can maintain a speed of 30-75km/h when running in 5% slope without using braking, the going downhill performance has been largely improved.

Imaging system in 4 directions—wider view. In order to ensure a good view in the complex plateau road conditions, J6 Plateau Version is equipped with imaging systems in four directions: place two cameras below the bottom of two exterior rear view mirrors, one camera under the overhead bin, one camera at the rear of the tailor, and install a 7' touchscreen in the middle of instrument cluster to keep real-time video recorder and improve driving safety.

Inter-wheel differential lock—enabling powerful start-up. J6 Plateau Version is equipped with inter-wheel differential lock which optimizes start-up force in wet road conditions, and improves movable gear sleeve and enhances reliability. At the same time, when the driver uses the differential lock, the buzzer continues to ring until the driver stop it in case the driver forgets to shut down the differential lock and causes damage.

Large output converter—making electricity use more convenient. J6 Plateau Version improves the output of 220V converter from 300W to 1,000W, thus drivers can use large output home appliances in the driving cab such as rice cooker and thermal jug, etc.

Upgrading the North Version—allowing more energy-saving in winter. J6 Plateau Version has been upgraded based on the north version by installing 800L (670+130) dual chamber with 130L single chamber in series. The injection of 670L 0# diesel and 260L -35# diesel contributes to cost saving in winter as well as mileage maintaining.

Plateau exclusive isolated heating—making heating more fuel saving. J6 Plateau Version uses an plateau exclusive isolated heating and increases the control module so that the vehicle can adjust the fuel injunction quantity automatically, which saves fuel and solves the problem of carbon deposit.

On-board oxygen generator—easing altitude stress. J6 Plateau Version equips on-board oxygen generator to cope with oxygen shortage in plateau regions. The machine makes oxygen 6L/min, and the oxygen concentration is 25%-35%, meeting up the normal needs of body and easing drivers’ altitude stress.

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